Display Measurement Systems - FPM V Series

FPM V Series Display Optical Measurement Systems

The V Series FPM-505W is one of our most flexible optical performance measurement solutions that is scalable to your display measurement needs. Whether you need to test cell phone display modules for engineering development purposes, ruggidized displays for aerospace and military applications, or laptop and monitor LCD modules for production QA/QC, the FPM-505W is the solution for you.

The baseline FPM-505W includes a five axis motion system housed in a lightsafe enclosure and a controller computer with software interface (manual and automated control). While one of the major benefits to the FPM-505W is flexibility in interfacing with instruments, test pattern generators, etc, the FPM-505W really shines when it comes to its testing capabilities. The FPM V Series not only can handle accurate, repeatable measurements such as luminance, contrast ratio, and luminance / color uniformity, but also can run fully automated optical tests like color vs viewing angle, gamma, and gray to gray response time.

Our FPM V Series can be setup to run many standard VESA, ICDM, TCO, ISO, SPWG and other display measurement tests as well as many customized tests; too many to list. We offer test sequences that cover most display measurement requirements or you can write your own.
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  • Supports a wide variety of optical instruments, test pattern generators, and peripheral test equipment

  • Enclosed in a (light safe) cabinet ideal for bright or dark rooms

  • Supports simple optical performance measurements such as luminance, chromaticity, response time, flicker, and many more or fully automated optical performance test suites such as VESA FPDM, ICDM, TCO ‘99 / ’03 / ’05, and ISO 13406-2

  • Fully automated 5-axis motion base with spot tracking


  • Optical performance tests of cell phone display modules, tablet displays, and laptop displays for R&D and Engineering

  • LCD tablet, notebook, and monitor production QA/QC

  • Military and Aerospace Display Measurements

Supports Most Optical Instruments

Each FPM can mount at least 2 optical instruments at a time and depending on the instruments up to 4. Our controller software, ViewPoint, interfaces with most optical instruments on the market today. If you already own an instrument but need an automated system, we most likely have a remote interface already available for manual or automated control. No more manually clicking measure or using limited instrument manufacturer software. However, if you don’t already own an instrument, your system can be configured with one. Check out our Instruments or Contact Us to find out which optical instrument is right for you.

Supports Most Test Pattern Generators

Of course, automated display testing doesn’t stop with the instrument, a good lcd tester or test pattern generator that can drive display modules or finished products is a must. Our most popular lcd tester for display drive is our T-Drive II but as with optical instruments, our ViewPoint software interfaces with most test pattern generators on the market today. We even offer custom software interfaces to work with speciality LCD drive equipment. If you need a test pattern generator as part of your optical measurement system, check out our LCD Testers or
Contact Us to find out which LCD Tester will work with your displays.

Optical Performance Tests Supported1

Center Screen Luminance

Center Screen Color

CIE Chromaticity

Correlated Color Temperature

Color Gamut and %NTSC

Sample Reports

VESA FPDM 2.0 Report

VESA FPDM 2.0 Measurement Report Format Example

Viewing Angle Report

Viewing Angle Measurement Report Format Example

Uniformity Report

Uniformity Measurement Report Format Example

Response Time Report

Response Time Measurement Report Format Example

Gamma Report

Gamma Measurement Report Format Example

Spec Summary

Max Display Size27″ (68 cm)
Max Display Weight20 lbs (9 kg)
14″ – 26″
System Configuration:
No of Axes
5 Axis:
X: Display Horizontal
Y: Display Vertical
Z: Measurement Distance
Azimuth / Inc: Viewing Angle
Optical Instruments Interface OptionsTRD-100A, TRD-200, BM-5AS, BM-7A, SR-3X, SR-ULX, CS-200, CS-1000A, PR-650, PR-880, PR-705, PR-715, PR-730, OL-770
LCD Testers /
TPG Options
Westar T Drive Series, Astro VG, Quantum Data QD Series
Power Supply OptionsSorensen DLM, DCS Series
Standards / Custom
Test Capability1
VESA FPDM 2.0, TCO ’99’03’05’06, “Dell Appendix A1,” ISO 9241-300, MIL-L-85762A, SAE 4256/4260
System Controller PCPentium-IV (or better), 22” LCD Monitor, Windows XP, Excel XP, HDD, CD-ROM, RS-232, USB
Controller SoftwareWestar ViewPoint (Manual Control Interface)
NI Teststand (Automated Test Sequencer)
Power120 – 220 VAC
50Hz – 60Hz / 20 Amps

Options and Accessories

We offer a broad range of options for our FPM-505W Optical Measurement System. While we do have standard configurations, many of our systems can be built-to-order. Contact Us to discuss your unique display measurement requirements and let us configure the optimal FPM System for you.


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1Test capabilities vary based on system configuration and are
dependent on options such as the optical instrument, test pattern
generator, and baseline system. Please consult one of our display
engineers to match the right configuration to your measurement needs.