HRED-J2000: JPEG2000 Hardware Encoder Decoder

The HRED-J2000 (short for High Resolution Encoder Decoder JPEG2000) is a high-performance JPEG-2000 compression / decompression card that encodes JPEG2000 images, decodes JPEG2000 images, and captures raw DVI video at a high resolution and a high frame rate.

The card operates as a PCI Express plug-in to a host PC to provide simultaneous encoding and decoding of up to six simultaneous video streams. The HRED-J2000 can process 1 to 4 component video images at multiple resolutions up to 2560×1600.

The HRED-J2000 is the ideal JPEG 2000 codec and raw frame capture device for scenarios where high resolution video must be moved between multiple video sources (typically PCs), video servers for storage and playback, and display surfaces (monitors and projectors).


  • JPEG-2000 Compression / Decompression

  • High resolution (Up to QSXGA) with low latency (less than 70 msecs for WQXGA at 30Hz)

  • Processes up to 6 simultaneous streams

  • Up to two Dual-link DVI-I video interfaces


  • Command and control systems

  • Video conferencing and document imaging

  • Video streaming and distribution systems

  • Medical imaging, geospace and aerospace imaging

JPEG2000 Codec Hardware Solution

The HRED-J2000 uses (12) ADV212 JPEG2000 video codec chips to encode and decode JPEG2000 images. This removes the burden of video codec processing from the host computer effectively making the HRED-J2000 a JPEG 2000 hardware accelerator! Click to learn more about the ADV212.

High Bandwidth JPEG2000 Codec

Process up to (2) JPEG2000 video streams of WQXGA (2560×1600) at 30Hz simultaneously. Encode and capture up to (2) DVI-I dual link video streams simultaneously. Encodes DVI-I video to JPEG2000 video stream and captures raw frame buffers.

Versatile Video Streaming Hardware

Mix and match many different video stream types for concurrent operation. The HRED-J2000 implements the following stream types: JPEG2000 encoder video streams (from PCIe or DVI), JPEG2000 decoder video streams, and raw frame grabbing (from DVI).

Example Applications

Simulation, Command and Control

JPEG2000 Encode - Decode Example Using Westar HRED-J2000

High Resolution Video Teleconferencing
and Collaborative Workspace

JPEG2000 Encode - Decode Example Using Westar HRED-J2000

Multi-Channel High Resolution
Record and Playback

JPEG2000 Encode - Decode Example Using Westar HRED-J2000

Spec Summary

JPEG2000 Hardware12 ADV212 Video Codec Chips
Video StreamsUp to 6
Video Stream TypesJPEG2000 Encode / Decode
Raw Frame Grabber
Compression TypeJPEG2000
Video InputsUp to 2 Dual-Link DVI-I (analog and digital) daughter cards each with programmable EDID
Video ResolutionsUp to QSXGA (2560×2048) Supports numerous smaller and nonstandard resolutions
DVI Performance
WQXGA(2560×1600) at 60Hz (encoded / captured at 30Hz)
WUXGA (1920×1200) at 60Hz
UXGA (1600×1200) at 60Hz
DVI Performance (Analog)Up to HD 1080p at 60Hz
Software Drivers32 and 64 bit
Linux Redhat, Ubuntu, others
Windows XP, Vista, 7
Software AppsApps / Libraries with source code. GStreamer / Directshow compatible.
Bus Interfacex4 lane PCIe
Card SizeFull length PCIe
Single Width (1 daughtercard)
Double Width(2 daughtercards)

Options and Accessories

The HRED-J2000 accepts up to two optional video input or output daughter cards. Each daughter card provides a dual link DVI-I (digital or analog) video interface. Contact Us for info on HRED-2000 options and accessories.


0 DVI-I Inputs


1 DVI-I Input (1 Daughtercard)


2 DVI-I Inputs (2 Daughtercards)


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