LCD Testers

LCD Testers

We provide a broad range of LCD testers, also known as digital video generators or flat panel display testers, for display modules and display panels ranging from mobile displays such as cell phone displays and tablet displays to large TFT panels for LCD TV. Our testers give you control over video timing, power levels, image content, and in most cases, inverter controls for backlights. Most of our testers include a trigger output signal for response time and display latency measurements.

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Laptop Display, Monitor, and TV Testers

Mobile Display Tester

Burn-In Tester

LCD Tester - T-Drive II

T-Drive II

  • Similar to a T-Drive I, but with higher resolution capability and available eDP/DisplayPort output.
  • Can drive most LCD panels for LCD-TV, Notebook PC’s, and flat panel monitors.

LCD Tester - T-Drive III

T-Drive III

  • Can achieve ultra-high resolutions & refresh rates via multiple output cards.
  • eDP/DisplayPort and available LVDS output.

LCD Tester - T-Drive SD100

T-Drive SD100

  • Can drive most mobile displays on the market today such as cell phone display modules and tablet displays.
  • Popular tester for LCDs and C-STN displays with CPU or SPI interfaces.

LCD Tester - T-Soak


  • Provides (4) identical outputs simultaneously. This is ideal for burn-in testing as well as comparative analysis of panels.