MotionMaster Display Measurement Kit

MotionMaster Motion Picture Response Time Measurement Kit

The MotionMaster ™ rapidly measures motion artifacts such as motion blur, Moving Edge Blur (VESA 309-1), or Motion Picture Response Time (MPRT) on LCD, PDP – plasma, and other display technologies. The MotionMaster ™ performs pursuit camera measurements of displays using our proprietary TDI camera technology. This allows direct pursuit measurements without moving parts – no vibrations to corrupt the measurement!

Motion artifact measurements have become increasingly important for the latest flat-panel display technologies such as LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), PDP (plasma display), and DLP as these technologies attempt to deliver the best HDTV video performance by reducing motion blur, dynamic false contour, and color break-up. MotionMaster provides the tools needed by display manufacturers, graphics chip designers, and TV integrators to characterize motion artifacts.


  • Direct measurement of Motion Blur (Moving-Edge Blur a.k.a. MPRT, VESA 309-1 Compliant)

  • Automated measurement at various gray-levels.

  • CCD camera-based system allows measurement of motion artifacts on all display technologies: LCD, PDP, RPTV, CRT…


  • Motion picture response time and moving-edge blur measurements of LCD and PDP TVs for R&D and engineering.

  • Motion artifact measurements of large format displays

  • Motion artifact measurements of LCD displays for military and aerospace applications

Spec Summary

CCD Camera
Resolution1600 x 1200
Timing Resolution20us to 1ms (0.26ms to 0.52ms typical)
InterfaceGigabit Ethernet
Exposure timeSelectable 1 or more display frames
T-Drive II
TMDS / Analog
TTL (optional)
Remote InterfaceUSB
Blur ImageDirectory of gray to gray images
Blur response curveFiltered response curve, can be exported as comma delimited file
EBET TableTable of response in msec
EBET Graph3-D Graph, user selectable perspective
Blur width thresholdsUser selectable (typically 10% and 90%)
Power115/220 VAC, 50-60Hz

System Includes

MotionMaster Software
CCD Camera with Tripod
Zoom Lends with Photopic Filter
T-Drive II LCD Tester
Controller PC


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