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Display Optical Quality Test Services

The price tag for setting up, equipping, and staffing a display test and measurement lab can be staggering. If you have display measurement requirements but lack the test facility or expertise, consider outsourcing your test program to Westar Display Technologies.

Our state-of-the-art display laboratories are fully equipped with industry-standard Westar FPD Performance Measurement (FPM) Systems, high-end photometers and spectroradiometers, and a stable of display drive equipment including our own T-Drive™ Universal TFT Tester.

Staffed by our experienced display engineers and measurement team, Westar’s display measurement laboratory stands ready to help your display products and programs succeed with professional, comprehensive, and quality-certified electro-optical characterization services.

Services we offer

Pre-test Consultation

Before you spend a dime, call us to discuss your requirements. We’ll advise you how best to proceed, what’s important, and how we can help.

Display Integration

LCD panel, cell phone display, tablet, notebook, monitor, or TV – we can drive it and get it ready for test with fixturing and cabling.

Standard or Custom Tests

We offer standardized test suites and can customize tests to meet your specific requirements. Special tests and modified procedures are not a problem.

Data Analytics

Too much data? We’ll help you sort through the raw data and distill it into meaningful figures of merit and quality factors.

Test Suites

SBM: Suite of Basic Measurements
301: Setup of Display and Equipment
302: Full Screen Center Measurements
303-4: Shadowing
304: Box Pattern Measurements
305: Temporal Performance
306: Uniformity Measurements
307: Viewing Angle Performance
308: Reflection
401: Power Consumption & Supply
402: Efficiencies

Contact us for a full list of IDMS tests we offer.

B.2.3.1: Luminance Level
B.2.3.2: Luminance Uniformity
B.2.3.3: Luminance Uniformity – Angular Dependence
B.2.4.2: Luminance Contrast – Angular Dependence
B.2.5.2: Front Frame Gloss
B.2.6.1: Correlated Color Temperature
B.2.6.2: Color Uniformity
B.2.6.3: RGB Settings
B.2.6.4: Color Uniformity – Angular Dependence
B.2.6.5: Color Grayscale Linearity
2.1: Periodic Luminance Variation
8.7.3: Design Screen Illuminance
8.7.5: Chromaticity Uniformity Difference
8.7.14: Display Luminance
8.7.15: Contrast
8.7.16: Luminance Balance
8.7.19: Luminance Uniformity
8.7.21: Image Formation Time
8.7.22: Absolute Luminance Encoding
8.7.24: Temporal Instability (flicker)
8.7.25: Default Color Set
8.7.27: Color Differences
8.7.28: Spectrally Extreme Colors
6.1: Equipment Set-Up
6.2: Luminance Measurements
6.3: Contrast Ratio
6.4: White Uniformity
6.5: Color Gamut
6.6: Color Gamma
6.7: Viewing Angle Measurements
6.8: Response Time
6.9: Residual Image
7.0: Power Measurements

Contact us for a full list of MIL-L tests we offer.

Contact us for a full list of SAE tests we offer.

We can design custom test procedures to meet your requirements.  Contact us to find out more.

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