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Westar announces the EZwindow4KE Video Combiner

Saint Charles Missouri, Oct 7, 2020 – Westar Display Technologies, Inc., a supplier of video processing components and LCD controllers, has added the EZwindow4KE™ to its video combiner product line. The 1U rackmount EZwindow4KE is Westar’s latest video combiner...

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Westar announces the VP14 LCD Controller

Saint Charles Missouri, December 20, 2018 – Westar Display Technologies, Inc., a supplier of LCD Controllers for specialty displays, has added the VP14 to its line of LCD Controllers. The VP14 accepts DVI, RGB, RGB sync-on-green, component, STANAG, and may other video...

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Westar announces the T-Drive Model III

Saint Charles Missouri, July 28, 2015 – Westar Display Technologies, Inc. has introduced a new member of its popular T-Drive™ LCD tester family, the T-Drive Model III. The T-Drive Model III is intended for new displays that require high bandwidth pixel rates. The...

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