Curved display measurement feature added to ViewPoint

Sep 18, 2014 | Press Releases

Saint Charles Missouri, August 04 2017 – Westar Display Technologies, Inc., a supplier of display measurement systems has added curved display measurement to the latest release of their flagship ViewPoint software. This new feature works in conjunction with the 5-axis motion on all of Westar’s FPM systems to adjust working distance and viewing angle when working with curved display surfaces.

Curved format displays are among the latest new technologies for TV’s, smart phones, and computer monitors. The curved surfaces allow for new styles of monitors and TV’s and it also enhances the ambient light performance of handheld displays.

Westar’s ViewPoint software with its patented spot tracking algorithm maintains a specified spot location and working distance on the display surface at any viewing angle and any spot location. The spot tracking algorithm has now been expanded to maintain these features while working with vertically or horizontally curved displays.

To learn how to use these new features see our new bulletin on how to use ViewPoint software with curved displays.

For more information or to see how to upgrade an existing FPM system, please contact:

Mike Wilson, Product Manager, Display Measurement Solutions
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