More EZwindow enhancements announced

Dec 23, 2014 | Press Releases

Saint Charles Missouri, December 23, 2014 – Westar Display Technologies, Inc. has enhanced two (2) functions in its popular EZwindow™ video combiner products.

Synthesizer Enhancement: The EZwindow has expanded the options for synthesizer video combining. While multiple video combining techniques exist between the foreground and background level, two video inputs may be “pre-mixed” in the synthesizer prior to assignment to the foreground or background layer. The synthesizer previously supported alpha blend. New combining techniques now include RGB key and luma key. The synthesizer is useful for a) sensor fusion plus symbology overlay, or b) multi-level overlay functions

RGB Output Mux Enhancement: The EZwindow now has additional multiplexers, multipliers, and adders on its Red, Green and Blue (RGB) output channels. Each color output (R, G, or B) is an independent summation of a foreground pixel component (R, G, or B) multiplied by the foreground color component alpha and a background pixel component (R, G, or B) multiplied by the background color component alpha, as shown below:

R output = Foreground (R, G, or B) * Foreground Red alpha + Background (R, G, or B) * Background Red alpha
G output = Foreground (R, G, or B) * Foreground Green alpha + Background (R, G, or B) * Background Green alpha
B output = Foreground (R, G, or B) * Foreground Blue alpha + Background (R, G, or B) * Background Blue alpha

Each of the six alpha values above is selected from a triplet based on the foreground pixel:
i) pixel in the “key” area and Key = True,
ii) pixel in the “key” area and Key = False,
iii) pixel outside the “key” area

Thus, the Red, Green, and Blue outputs can be independently selected to show the foreground component, the background component, or some combination of foreground and background consisting of several video combining techniques, such as luma key, RGB key, or HSV key. Customers are using this new feature to process monochrome signals, such that each color output can be independently selectable between monochrome #1, monochrome#2, or a combination of the two signals. This is especially useful for head mounted displays.

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