Westar announces the EZwindow4KE Video Combiner

Oct 7, 2020 | Press Releases

Saint Charles Missouri, Oct 7, 2020 – Westar Display Technologies, Inc., a supplier of video processing components and LCD controllers, has added the EZwindow4KE™ to its video combiner product line.

The 1U rackmount EZwindow4KE is Westar’s latest video combiner supporting one input up to 4K, plus up to 4 other inputs at lower resolutions. With a broad range of window sizes and locations, plus the ability to key one video plane with another, the EZwindow4KE is ideal for an instructor monitor showing multiple displays on a 4K TV, or combining HUD imagery with a 4K out-the-window projector feed. The 4K I/O can be either HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.2 at a full 4kx2k/60 Hz. Input cards for lower resolutions (2560×1600/60Hz or below) support many video formats, including DisplayPort, DVI, analog RGB, composite NTSC/PAL, RS343/RS170, and more.

The EZwindow4KE features the lowest latency possible on the 4K input (less than 1 msec) and other inputs have a latency of 20 msec or less. If the 4K input is not used, the output can be gen-locked to any one of the input cards, minimizing the latency for that particular input. Each of the lower resolution inputs have automatic mode detection to react to a change in the incoming video format, such as a DisplayPort input transitioning from 720P to 1080P.

EZwindow4KE is ready for delivery and includes the EZwindow4KE Configuration Utility, a PC-based application to help customers configure the unit for each unique application.

For more information about the EZwindow4KE or other video combiners, please contact:

Jim Vennard, Product Manager, Video Components
(636) 300-5110, vennard@westar.com


Dave Berghoff, Integration Specialist, Video Components
(636) 300-5103, berghoff@westar.com

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