Westar announces new EZwindow products

Aug 5, 2014 | Press Releases

Saint Charles Missouri, August 05, 2014 – Westar Display Technologies, Inc., a supplier of specialty video processing solutions, has announced an enhancement to the EZwindow Video Combiner.

The EZwindow 221 is a 1U device with two (2) sets of two (2) inputs combined to one (1) output. Video combining techniques include all the popular techniques available in the standard EZwindow products, such as: alpha blend, RGB Key, Luma Key, and HSV Key. EZwindow 221 supports the same video formats as EZwindow, including RS-343, RS-170, STANAG, and DVI-I (TMDS and analog RGB). NTSC/PAL is standard on the input, and optional on the output.

The EZwindow 121 is available as a bench-top unit or as a 1U device. It has the same functionality as an EZwindow-2, with optional NTSC/PAL or component outputs.

“The EZwindow 221 was designed for integrators who need multiple video combining functions, but are rack-space challenged. The EZwindow 221 offers the same functionality as (2) EZwindow-2’s, in half the rack-space. The EZwindow 221 and 121 both offer optional NTSC/PAL or component outputs which are not available on our standard EZwindow line”, said Jim Vennard, Product Manager for the video processors.

For more information about the EZwindow Video Combiner, please contact:

Jim Vennard, Product Manager, Video Components
(636) 300-5110, vennard@westar.com

Or visit: https://www.westardisplaytechnologies.com/products/video-combiner-ezwindow121-221/

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