Westar announces the SP2 Multi-Function DVI Converter

Aug 4, 2017 | Press Releases

Saint Charles Missouri, August 04, 2017 – Westar Display Technologies, Inc. has introduced the new SP2 DVI multi-purpose converter to add to its broad line of video processing solutions.

The SP2 performs a myriad of video processing functions for DVI video formats. Examples include: conversions between Dual Link DVI and Single Link DVI, and combining multiple DVI video signals into one DVI video signal with multiple windows.

The SP2 is set up with text commands, downloaded via RS-232, USB, or Ethernet. Westar support engineers are available to assist in a specific set up. The unit is available as either a board product to be embedded into a customer’s end product, or as a 19” rack unit with industry standard DVI connectors and control interface connectors. Westar offers multiple configurations of the rack unit to support various configurations of Single Link and Dual Link I/O.

“Our customers continue to use DVI in their video solutions. This new product is a cost-effective way to accomplish various functions. We’ve already seen dozens of applications”, said Jim Vennard, Product Manager for Video Components at Westar.

For more information about the SP2, please contact:

Jim Vennard, Product Manager, Video Components
(636) 300-5110, vennard@westar.com

Or visit: https://www.westardisplaytechnologies.com/products/dvi-converter-spseries2/

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