Westar announces the T-Drive Model III

Jul 28, 2015 | Press Releases

Saint Charles Missouri, July 28, 2015 – Westar Display Technologies, Inc. has introduced a new member of its popular T-Drive LCD tester family, the T-Drive Model III.

The T-Drive Model III is intended for new displays that require high bandwidth pixel rates. The standard model includes a DisplayPort/embedded DisplayPort (DP/eDP) drive board capable of 660 MPixel/sec data rates via (4) 5.4 Gbit/sec lanes. This bandwidth is sufficient for most 4K displays on the market today. Higher bandwidths can be achieved by combining multiple output cards, such as combining (2) 4-lane eDP cards to achieve 8 lanes of eDP capability, or combining (2) optional Quad LVDS cards to achieve Octal LVDS capability.

T-Drive is more than a video generator. The unit supplies module and backlight driver power via 3 programmable power supplies, and can measure current draw on each supply. The T-Drive includes many built-in, adjustable test patterns, and custom bitmap images can be downloaded. The data in an LCD’s onboard EDID can be manipulated via T-Drive’s EDID tool. A user-programmable “profile” defines the panel’s electrical, timing, and power requirements. An included configuration utility manages all the downloaded profiles, pattern sequences, and bitmap images.

T-Drive Model III’s architecture allows future insertion of other video interfaces. Possibilities include HDMI 2.0 and V by One.

T-Drive III deliveries commence in September 2015.

For more information about the T-Drive Model III, please contact:

Linda Meissner, Product Manager, Universal LCD Testers
(636) 300-5110, meissner@westar.com

Or visit: https://www.westardisplaytechnologies.com/products/uhd-lcd-tester-tdrive3/

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