Westar announces the VP14 LCD Controller

Dec 20, 2018 | Press Releases

Saint Charles Missouri, December 20, 2018 – Westar Display Technologies, Inc., a supplier of LCD Controllers for specialty displays, has added the VP14 to its line of LCD Controllers. The VP14 accepts DVI, RGB, RGB sync-on-green, component, STANAG, and may other video formats.  Optional mezzanines support DisplayPort, SDI, and other video formats.  The VP14 has both LVDS and high-speed parallel outputs up to 1920×1200 resolutions.

“We wanted to pack as many advanced features as possible into our latest LCD controller while maintaining the same footprint as our industry standard VP7”, said Jim Vennard, Product Manager for LCD Controllers at Westar. “Multi-mode input video mode detection is standard on the VP14. This has been well received by our initial customers”, said Dave Berghoff, Customer Support Engineer for LCD Controllers at Westar.

The VP14 is in full production. The VP14 comes standard with a configuration utility that supports in-the-field firmware, FPGA and parameter (BIOS) updates. This Windows-based software allows end-users to configure the VP14 for each unique application.

For more information about the VP14, please contact:
Jim Vennard, Product Manager, Video Components
(636) 300-5110, vennard@westar.com

Or visit: https://www.westardisplaytechnologies.com/products/lcd-controller-vp14/

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