ACR-120 Ambient Contrast Ratio Kit Overview

Apr 29, 2019Product Announcements

Key reasons to consider the ACR-120 Ambient Contrast Ratio Kit

Reflection measurements can be complicated, difficult to repeat, and time consuming. The ACR-120 Ambient Contrast Ratio Kit is designed to simplify test setup and measurement so you can focus on what you care about, assessing display performance. Key reasons to consider the ACR-120 Kit include: 

  • You need to measure hemispherical reflection (specular included or excluded) as outlined in IDMS 11.2.1 and 11.3.1
  • You need to measure ambient contrast ratio as outlined in SAE J1757-1 Section 4.1.1, Method 1
  • You want a simplified and repeatable measurement setup but don’t need a fully-automated system like the FPM-505R

System overview

The ACR-120 Ambient Contrast Ratio Kit provides controllable diffuse illumination necessary for making ambient contrast ratio measurements of displays up to 22” including cell phone displays, tablets, and laptop displays.

The ACR-120 consists of a 12’ sampling sphere with an internal tungsten halogen light source and a sphere monitor photo detector. The sampling sphere is positioned in front of the display under test (DUT) while the display is measured by your spot photometer through a view port on the sampling sphere. The ACR-120 is enclosed in a light safe cabinet that is designed to be used in production, QA/QC, or laboratory environments. The ACR-120 Ambient Contrast Ratio Kit includes:

  • 12” diameter sampling sphere
  • 150W tungsten-halogen light source (fiber-coupled)
  • Photodiode detector with photopic filter and picoammeter
  • Adjustable 20″x20″ breadboard with 1/4-20 holes on 1″ centers for DUT fixturing
  • Reflectance standard with calibration certificate
  • Dark enclosure with easy-access doors
  • Instrument mount for the Topcon BM-9A or Minolta LS-150. Options for larger instruments available


Instrument Mount

Works with Topcon’s BM-9A or the Minolta LS-150. Call for others.

12" Sampling Sphere

Includes photo detector and 4″ illumination port

Instrument Positioner
Easy adjustment for target alignment

Simulate ambient lighting

A tungsten-halogen lamp is fiber coupled to the sampling sphere to illuminate the interior of the sphere resulting in a diffuse illumination source directed at the DUT surface.  This illumination source emulates ambient lighting conditions for the purpose of making surface reflection and ambient contrast ratio display measurements. The diffuse illumination can be configured with the specular component included or excluded.  These measurements are important for evaluating the effectiveness of display anti-reflection coatings, optical effects of front filters or EMI screens, or panel construction effects on screen reflection and contrast ratio.

Sampling Sphere Light

Dolan-Jenner 150W light source with fiber-optic cable


Keithley picoammeter

Instrument Mount

Easy adjustment for target alignment

Test up to 22″ displays

The ACR-120 can accommodate up to 22″ diagonal displays on an adjustable mounting plate. The DUT mounting plate can slide in/out to adjust for different display thicknesses and to simplify sphere alignment. Mounting a display can be done in three easy steps: Remove the mounting plate from the ACR-120 enclosure. Next, mount a DUT to the breadboard. Finally, slide the mounting plate back into the ACR-120 in front of the sampling sphere.

Sampling Sphere Light

150W light source with fiber-optic cable

DUT Mounting Plate

DUT mounting plate in the “out” position.

Slide Rails for Positioning

Easy adjustment for target alignment


The ACR-120 Ambient Contrast Ratio Kit is the latest addition to our lineup of reflectance test equipment. It simplifies test setup and improves repeatability so you can focus on assessing your display’s real-world optical performance.  If you are interested in the ACR-120 but are looking for more automation, we have lighting options for our FPM H Series Display Measurement Systems or you can check out our FPM-505R.

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