FPM-540-FO Display Measurement System Overview

Dec 11, 2018Product Announcements

Key reasons to consider the FPM-540-FO

  • Need to measure optical performance of very large or curved displays up to 110″ diagonal
  • Want the DUT to be upright and remain fixed
  • Need to measure optical performance over viewing angle
  • Want the flexibility to choose instruments, display drive, and other options

System architecture

The FPM-540-FO is our largest standard display measurement system designed for testing up to 110” displays. It includes a five-axis motion system comprised of a three-axis instrument deck and a two-axis gimbaled optical probe to perform measurements while the display remains fixed and in an upright position.

This design allows for viewing angle measurements without moving or rotating the large and heavy display module thus avoiding potential mechanical strains and unexpected thermal gradients within the display or TV.

The FPM-540-FO is enclosed in a cabinet that is designed to be used in a dark room or lab. At 108″ (H) x 156″ (W) x 71″ (D), it has the largest footprint of our F Series systems. If you like the FPM-540-FO but have space constraints and don’t need to test panels larger than 84″, then you should consider the FPM-530-FO or FPM-520-FO. The FPM-530-FO can handle up to 84″ DUTs and the FPM-520-FO can test up to 62″ DUTs.

5-Axis motion base

The FPM-540-FO includes a 5-axis motion base which makes it easy to align instruments to the DUT, set up common measurements, and to perform optical measurements on the DUT.

The X and Y axes allow you to position the instrument along the display horizontal and vertical (depending on DUT orientation). The Z-Axis allows you to adjust the measurement distance of the movable instruments. Note that the actual minimum and maximum measurement distance depends on the instrument selected and the DUT depth.

For viewing angle measurements, the FPM-540-FO has a 2-axis gimbal to move a fiber-coupled instrument detector.

X & Y Axes (X not shown)
106″ X-Axis range (left-right)
60″ Y-Axis range (up-down)
~23.5″ range (In-Out)
Azimuth & Inclination Axes
±90° range (azimuth)
±85° range (inclination)

Test displays and DUTs up to 110″

The system includes a DUT cart that allows displays up to 200kg to be mounted vertically and rolled into position on the FPM-540-FO. Positioning features on the FPM allow the cart to be locked into a fixed location. Other options for DUT fixturing are available. Contact Westar if you would like to discuss custom solutions for setting up your display

DUT Cart

Rolling cart mounts DUT vertically

Display Under Test (DUT)

Mount up to 110″ displays (16:9) weighing up to 200kg

DUT Casters

Easily roll cart and DUT into position on the FPM-540-FO

Use multiple optical instruments

One of the key features with our FPM series line of systems is the ability to install your instrument of choice. Once you have identified the optical instruments you want to use, we will ensure that they can be installed into your system.

The FPM-540-FO supports multiple optical instruments. Up to three instruments (2 direct-view, 1 fiber-coupled for viewing angle) can be mounted on the XYZ stage with motion control.

In the set-up shown below, the FPM-540-FO has two motion-controlled “direct-view” instruments installed; a Topcon SR Series Spectroradiometer for color and luminance measurements and a TRD Temporal Response Detector for response time and flicker. Both instruments can be positioned to make measurements at any location on the DUT.

A third instrument is a fiber-optically coupled spectrometer with a two-axis gimbaled probe that can be used for color and luminance measurements over viewing angle. Again, you have flexibility to choose your instruments.

Instrument Option #1

5-axis motion-controlled, fiber-optically coupled spectrometer with gimbal shown

Instrument Option #2

3-axis motion-controlled, Topcon SR Series Spectroradiometer shown

Instrument Option #3

3-Axis motion-controlled Temporal Response Detector shown

Since automated control requires software support, we have software interfaces for most of the popular instruments on the market. You can control your instrument through our ViewPoint application or via automated test sequences in NI TestStand. Or, you can to use the instrument manufacturer’s software separately.

Other notable features

We discuss many of the key features of our FPM F Series here but a few are worth repeating:

  • Supports specular reflection and diffuse reflection tests (optional feature)
  • Light safe option available
  • Display Drive – Works with our T-Drive line of LCD Testers or pick your own test pattern generator
  • Runs ViewPoint and NI TestStand software
  • Joystick and voice feedback
  • Excel formatted reports
  • Build your own custom test sequences or have us do it for you
  • Includes on-site set-up and installation with three days of training


The FPM-540-FO is our largest standard F Series system available. Enclosed in a cabinet with movable DUT cart, the five-axis system can test very large displays up to 110″ in diagonal and weighing up to 440 lbs. The FPM-540-FO can be configured with up to three instruments of your choice and allows for many of the popular options available on our FPM systems. If you want to learn more about the FPM-540-FO or other systems, check out the More information below.

More information

Contact us if you have questions, comments, or if you would like to speak with one of our engineers.

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