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Introducing EZwindow. The latest video combining processor from Westar Display Technologies.
Designed for applications that require multiple video feeds to be windowed or combined into a single output, EZwindow is the perfect solution for training and simulation environments, command and control centers, or real-time video monitoring applications.

Within a single rack mountable appliance, EZwindow is capable of video windowing, scaling with area of interest control and blending using popular keying methods all controlled remotely using the EZwindow Configure application.

EZwindow can be ordered with up to 5 standard input channels capable of 162Mhz sampling rates or Wide UXGA resolutions. With each channel supporting Single Link DVI, AnalogRGB, Composite, and S-Video connections. A high resolution version of the EZwindow includes a sixth input channel capable of 330MHz sampling rates or 2560×1600 resolutions. With support for both Dual link DVI and Analog RGB connections.

EZwindow supports a wide variety of standard video formats while offering full control over timing parameters for custom video formats. All inputs are combined or windowed into a dual link DVI or Analog RGB output that can drive up to Wide QXGA displays.

For simple windowing applications, up to 6 video input channels can be assigned to a specific area of interest within the output background layer. Each input can be positioned, scaled, cropped, prioritized, or flipped vertically and horizontally, depending on your output requirements. Area of Interest control makes it easy to select only the region of video that needs to be displayed. The output video can be scaled up or down if necessary with customizable border regions and colors.

For video blending applications, the input channels can also be mapped to a foreground layer that can be keyed using a variety of methods such as HSV keying, RGB keying, or luma keying. The EZwindow also supports symbology color substitution, alpha blending and stereo mixing.

Additional EZwindow features include horizontal and vertical syncs and remote programming using your own custom display processing application via RS-232, USB, or Ethernet. To learn more about EZwindow, or other video processors, contact Westar Display Technologies today.

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