Introduction to the FPM-505R

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Introducing the FPM-505R, the latest reflective display measurement system from Westar Display Technologies.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of mobile display products such as cell phones, tablets, e-readers, and laptops, the FPM-505R is perfectly suited for automated reflective measurement and optical performance assessment of reflective, emissive, and transmissive displays under a variety of lighting conditions. Enabling you to assess how your product will perform in demanding real-world environments such as outdoors under direct sunlight.

The FPM-505R simplifies complex and arduous reflective measurements and other optical performance measurements into a fast, repeatable, easy to operate system; making it the perfect display measurement system for product design, R&D, and supply chain quality management.

The FPM-505R comes standard with a spectrometer for center-screen and viewing angle measurements of luminance, color, contrast, uniformity, gamma, color gamut, cross talk, and other custom tests with an optional TRD-200 for temporal measurements such as flicker and response time. A removable hemisphere provides illumination for diffuse reflection measurements out to 70 degrees. And a directed light source is integrated on a 6th axis for both specular and diffuse reflection measurements from 0 to 70 degrees.

The FPM-505R includes a six axis motion base which can easily be controlled manually or through automated test sequences. The manual control interface, Viewpoint, seamlessly integrates the motion base, instruments, and display drive equipment for fast testing and reporting.

An optional thermal chamber can be used for temperature performance measurements under various lighting conditions and viewing angles, simplifying the comprehensive test requirements for displays used in mobile, automotive, and military applications.

For fully automated testing, the FPM-505R can be controlled using National Instruments TestStand with all test data outputted into excel formatted reports. Westar offers many standard test sequences or can help you design your own custom automated test sequences depending on your display metrology needs. To learn more about the FPM-505R or other display measurement products, contact Westar Display Technologies.