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Introducing PanelTest, the latest mobile display measurement system from Westar Display Technologies. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the mobile display market, PanelTest is perfectly suited for optical performance assessment of cell phone displays, tablets, laptop displays, and other small to medium size LCDs or OLEDS up to 17” in diagonal.

PanelTest simplifies the complex and arduous task of display metrology by providing a fast, repeatable, easy to operate system. Making it the perfect display measurement system for product design, R&D, manufacturing quality assessment and quality control, and supply chain quality management.

PanelTest has everything you need to fully test your display. It comes standard with three optical instruments including a fiber optically coupled spectrometer for measuring display luminance, contrast, chromaticity, gamma, color gamut, and CCT. A TRD-200 for temporal measurements such as flicker and response time, and a wide field of view CCD for design eye point uniformity, contrast, and crosstalk. An optional viewing angle imager measures full viewing cone luminance and contrast out to plus or minus 80 degrees. PanelTest can also be configured with a two-axis motion base which moves the instrument detectors horizontally and vertically for display uniformity and other multipoint measurements. For display drive, PanelTest includes a T-Drive SD-100 or optional T-Drive II LCD tester.

The PanelTest software interface seamlessly integrates the motion base, instruments, and display drive equipment for fast testing and reporting. With PanelTest, full optical performance reports that use to take around 30 minutes can be generated in under a minute. All test data is logged to a database for statistical analysis and can be outputted into excel formatted reports.

PanelTest substantially reduces test time and complexity while increasing measurement accuracy and repeatability. This makes it easier for your scientists and engineers to make better design and quality assessment decisions throughout the entire supply chain and product life cycle.
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