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Introducing QuickTest II, the latest small format display test system from Westar Display Technologies. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the handheld market, QuickTest II is perfectly suited for optical performance assessment of cell phone displays, digital cameras, portable gaming systems and other portable devices with small format LCDs or OLED displays. QuickTest II is widely used in the US and Asia for product design, R&D, manufacturing quality assessment and quality control, and supply chain quality management.

QuickTest II simplifies the complex and arduous task of display metrology into a fast, repeatable, easy to operate system. Simply insert a display, click start, and watch the test report generate.

QuickTest II is a measurement lab in a box. It has everything you need to fully test your display including three optical instruments, a display drive system, fixturing, and an easy to use interface for testing and reporting.

With QuickTest II, full optical performance reports that use to take around 30 minutes can be generated in 30 seconds. The Quicktest II performs many common tests such as brightness and contrast, color, with both spectral data and 1976 and 1931 cie color coordinates, color gamut, temporal response measurements such as response time and display flicker, cross-talk, uniformity, gamma, and other custom tests. Optional tests include voltage, current, and reflective measurements. All test data is logged to a database for statistical analysis and can be outputted into excel formatted reports.

QuickTest II substantially reduces test time and complexity while increasing accuracy and repeatability. This makes it easier for your scientists and engineers to make better design and quality assessment decisions throughout the entire supply chain and product life cycle.

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