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Video processing solutions, automated measurement systems, optical instruments, LCD testers, and display test services

Are motion-based test systems still relevant?

Benefits of motion-based test systems

Introduction to the FPM H Series

FPM H Series Video Overview

Topcon SR-5000 Overview

Topcon SR-5000 Video Overview

Introduction to GLRT

GLRT Video Overview

Introduction to EZwindow

EZwindow Video Overview

Introduction to the FPM-505R

FPM-505R Video Overview

Introduction to PanelTest

PanelTest Video Overview

Introduction to QuickTest II

QuickTest II Video Overview

Video Processors

For unique processing tasks including video conversion, windowing, combining, blending, synchronizing, and splitting

Display Measurement Systems

Broadest range of optical performance measurement systems for LCOS, LCD, PDP, OLED, and other flat panel displays

Optical Instruments

Optical instruments that can be used standalone or with one of our display measurement systems

LCD Controller Boards

Flexible solutions for analog or digital video conversion, video re-sizing, video combining and frame rate conversion

LCD Testers

We offer a wide range of LCD testers, also known as digital video generators for LCD modules and display panels

Display Test Services

If you have test requirements but lack the equipment or expertise, our display optical test services can help

North American distributor for Topcon Technohouse

Westar Display Technologies is pleased to be the North American distributor for Topcon Technohouse Corporation of Japan. Topcon’s industry-leading instruments are well known across multiple industries including medical, industrial, automotive, flat panel displays, paint & textiles, and aerospace & defense.

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