4K UHD Video Synchronizer - Sync4K

4K UHD Video Synchronizer

The Sync4K re-times soft synced inputs into a stable output with a fixed frame time, locked to the master video timing with a programmable line delay. The Sync4K is configured with 1 to 5 channels (referred to as synchronizing channels). Each synchronizing channel is synchronized to a master timing, which is automatically selected to be either Input 1 or the Sync Input.


Supports up to 5 channels of DisplayPort video with resolutions up to 4096×2400 or 3840×2160


Supports up to 5 channels of DisplayPort video with resolutions up to 4096×2400 or 3840×2160

Link Multiple Sync4Ks

Link multiple Sync4Ks for installations requiring more than 5 video channels to be synchronized


Video synchronization in training and simulation environments

Display Interfaces and Control

4K Video Synchronizer Connectors - Sync4K

OneSync Configuration Utility

Use Westar’s OneSync to configure the Sync4K for an installation application. Typical set up parameters include:

OneSync Application

Firmware Updates

OneSync supports the update of all firmware in the Sync4K.

Status Updates

View the status of the Sync4K including the master timing source (Chan 1, Sync Input, absent) and if there is video present on each input channel.

Line Delay

Programmed globally. The # of master timing lines to delay the synchronized outputs from the input master timing.

Active EDID Mode

Programmed per channel. Determines whether the active EDID, visible by the video source, is populated by a programmed EDID file, or by the connected downstream device. OneSync supports the update of the pre-programmed EDID for each channel.

Pass-through Video

Programmed per channel. Allows the video from any input to be passed through as is (including timing), rather than synced to master timing.

Ignore Video

Programmed per channel. Replaces incoming pixel data with a hard-coded color, unique per channel.


Parameter Specification
Inputs / Outputs (per channel)
I/O Video Type DisplayPort 1.2
Pixel Rate Up to 600 MPixels/s
Standard Resolutions Up to 2560x1600 @ 120Hz, 4096x2400 @ 60Hz
Electro Mechanical
Dimensions 1U Rackmount: 19"W x 14.5"D x 1.75"H
Power IEC Connector, 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 100 Watts Max Input Power
Control USB 2.0, Optional Ethernet
Weight Less than 6 lbs.
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Parameter Specification
  • Programmable EDID for each input channel
  • If no Sync Input or Channel 1 (master timing), slave channel enters pass-through mode. Only stable timings are passed through
  • If no slave channel input, channel outputs a RGB color per master timing
Color Depth 10 bits per color
FIFO Storage 200K pixels of FIFO depth per channel

Ordering Information

The standard configuration Sync4K comes with the following:

  • Sync4K with # of I/O channels as ordered
  • Rack-mount ears
  • USB Cable
  • IEC Power Cable (U.S. plug)

CD Containing

  • OneSync Utility Software
  • User’s Guide

Check out the Options and Accessories and Ordering Configurations tabs for more.

Contact Westar for additional options and accessories

The Sync4K is ordered as follows:

Sync4K-DPx, where

x is the number of I/O channels
DP indicates DisplayPort I/O
:E Ethernet option
:TG supports a per channel timing generator necessary for both free running mode, and for timing generation for
slave channels that are a different timing than the master channel


Sync4K-DP5 :E
Sync4K-DP5 :E :TG

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