FPM H Series

Display Optical Measurement System
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FPM H Series
Display Optical Measurement Systems

The FPM H Series is one of our most flexible optical performance measurement solutions that is scalable to your display measurement needs.  Whether you need to test cell phone display modules for engineering development purposes, ruggedized displays for aerospace and military applications, or TV LCD modules for production QA/QC, we have a FPM solution for you.

One of the major benefits to our FPM H Series is flexibility in interfacing with instruments, test pattern generators, and other test equipment; these systems really shine when it comes to their testing capabilities.

The FPM H Series handles accurate, repeatable measurements such as luminance, contrast ratio, and luminance / color uniformity, and also runs fully automated optical tests like color vs viewing angle, gamma, and gray to gray response time.

Display Optical Measurement System - FPM H Series

Display Size

Mount up to 72″ displays with five axis motion control and measurement spot tracking for quick and accurate measurements

Optical Instruments

Mount up to 4 instruments at a time. Software control integration for most of the popular optical instruments available


Automated Tests

Automate many of the standard VESA, ICDM, TCO, ISO, SAE, MIL-L and SPWG tests. Supports a wide variety of standard and custom optical performance tests

Test Pattern Generators

Automated control of the Westar T-Drive LCD Tester and many other popular test pattern generators on the market today

See it in Action

Display optical performance measurement can be a labor-intensive process. It takes time to set up your instrument, configure your display and test pattern generator, make measurements, and then record the results. 

This is where our display measurement systems come in. Our FPM Systems were designed from the ground-up to simplify this time-intensive and complicated process. To remove or reduce the pain-points, improve accuracy and repeatability, simplify testing and reporting, and most importantly, free up your time so you can focus on analysis.

Full optical characterization

Our FPM H Series can be set up to run many standard VESA, ICDM, SAE, TCO, ISO, SPWG and other display measurement tests as well as programmable customized tests. We offer test sequences that cover most display measurement requirements or you can write your own. Contact Us to learn more.

Note: Test capabilities vary based on system configuration and are dependent on options such as the optical instrument, test pattern generator, and baseline system.
Center Screen Luminance

Center Screen Color

CIE Chromaticity

Correlated Color Temperature

Color Gamut and %NTSC

Shadowing (Cross Talk)

Gray Level Response Time

Luminance Uniformity

Contrast Ratio Uniformity

Color Uniformity

Contrast Ratio



Reflection Testing

Luminance vs Viewing Angle

Contrast Ratio vs Viewing Angle

Color vs Viewing Angle

Image Retention

Warm Up Time

Custom Tests

and more…

For an explanation on these tests and other common display measurement terms, check out the Glossary of Display Optical Measurement

Wide selection of optical instruments supported

Works with optical instruments from all the popular brands

Our Display Measurement Systems work with more LMDs than any other display measurement system. Our systems support standard photometers and spectroradiometers from Topcon, Photo Research, Optronic Laboratories, and Minolta. This broad range of available instrument interfaces allows you to pick the best instrument for the job

Install and control up to 4 instruments

The FPM H Series can be customized to accommodate (hardware integration) up to 4 optical instruments depending on your display metrology needs.  If you already have an instrument, we most likely can support it with our system software and hardware.  If you don’t have an instrument, we can help you select the right one. The FPM H Series supports the following instruments:

Instrument Deck - FPM H Series




  • Exemplar

Optronic Laboratories

  • OL-770

Gamma Scientific

  • GS-12 NVIS

Photo Research

  • PR-655
  • PR-670
  • PR-705
  • PR-730
  • PR-740
  • PR-788
  • PR-880
  • and more


  • CS-200
  • CS-2000 / CS-2000A

Radiant Vision Systems

  • ProMetric Series

Contact us for others

Goniometer for viewing angle positioning

The FPM H Series can be configured with either a polar goniometer or a orthogonal goniometer (pictured) which is a two-axis rotational stage used to rotate the DUT for viewing angle measurements.

Each goniometer type is capable of achieving a full ±90° viewing angle both vertically and horizontally.

Regardless of the mechanical arrangement chosen, ViewPoint supports both polar and orthogonal viewing angle coordinates and automatically performs transformations to achieve the desired angle.

Orthogonal Goniometer - FPM H Series
Test Pattern

Automated test pattern generation

Of course, automated display testing doesn’t stop with the instrument and a positioning system. You need to automate display drive using a lcd tester or test pattern generator that can drive display modules or finished products.

Our most popular lcd tester for display drive is our T-Drive III but as with optical instruments, our ViewPoint software can interface with most test pattern generators on the market today. We even offer custom software interfaces to work with specialty LCD drive equipment.

If you need a test pattern generator as part of your optical measurement system, check out our LCD Testers or Contact Us to find out which lcd tester will work with your displays.


TestStand - Automated Test Sequencer

For automated test scripts, the FPM H Series can be controlled using NI TestStand. Any controls in ViewPoint are available via test objects (steps) in TestStand making it easy to build elaborate test sequences. Westar offers many standard test sequences and can help you design your own custom test sequences depending on your display metrology needs.
NI TestStand Automated Test Software

  • Access motion base, instruments, test pattern generators, and other supported devices using test objects
  • Structure test steps into sequences and subsequences with global and local parameters
  • Powerful development interface for sequence design and debugging
  • Easy to user interface for sequence operation and control.
  • Access Microsoft Excel for data reporting

ViewPoint - Manual Control Interface

The FPM H Series comes with a sleek user interface for manual control called ViewPoint. In a single interface, the user can control the instruments, light sources, test pattern generators, and motion base. ViewPoint can be customized with software controls for your specific instruments, test pattern generators, and power supplies.

ViewPoint Manual Control Interface

  • Access motion base, instruments, test pattern generators, and other supported devices
  • Multi-view dockable GUI windows – arrange multiple DUT Control, Motion Control, and LMD GUIs
  • Property grids for easy parameter input
  • Enhanced CIE chromaticity charts (NTSC reference gamut, multiple measurement points, print graphs)
  • Enhanced measurement history and reporting tools (print standard measurement reports from the MCI).

Automated 5-Axis motion base available in different sizes

All of our FPM H Series systems include a five-axis motion system and a controller computer with software interface (manual and automated control). We offer four standard models based on your display size requirements starting with our smallest FPM-500 system for measuring up to 12″ displays up to our largest FPM-530 system for measuring up to 72″ displays.


Up to 19″ Displays

Ideal for small to mid-sized displays and devices such as cell phone, tablet, and notebook displays requiring full optical characterization. This mobile system is ideal for use in an engineering laboratory or production QA/QC department.


Up to 30″ Displays

Ideal for medium sized displays such as laptop displays and LCD monitors. Configured with an orthogonal goniometer, the system easily handles deep and heavy display assemblies such as avionics, military ground vehicles, and automotive displays.


Up to 48″ Displays

The FPM-520 is the system of choice for AMLCD panel makers worldwide. With a 48″ (122 cm) polar goniometer, this workhorse serves triple-duty by performing precision optical measurements on notebook panels, monitors, and large area flat panel TVs.


Up to 72″ Displays

For very large displays, our FPM-530 with its 72” (183 cm) polar goniometer can handle the largest commercially available flat panel displays. The FPM-530 is ideal for optical measurements of large flat panel monitors or finished LCD TV products.

Optical Measurement Report - Westar

Customizable reports

Our FPM H Series comes standard with Microsoft Excel for data reporting.  Use one of our pre-formatted reports or design your own.


Parameter Standard FPM H Series Configurations Custom Config.
Instrument Motion Base FPM-500 FPM-510 FPM-510W FPM-520 FPM-530 FPM-5XX
X-Axis Range (Left - Right) 20" (50 cm) 30" (76 cm) 40" (100 cm) 47.5" (121 cm) 69.0" (175 cm) Contact Westar
Y-Axis Range (Up - Down) 20" (50 cm) 30" (76 cm) 30" (76 cm) 47.5" (121 cm) 55.0" (139 cm)
Z-Axis Range (In - Out) 20" (50 cm) 30" (76 cm) 30" (76 cm) 47.5" (121 cm) 55.0" (139 cm)
Polar Goniometer FPM-500 FPM-510 FPM-510W FPM-520 FPM-530 FPM-5XX
DUT Mounting Plate Diameter 19" 30" 48" 72" Contact Westar
Range of Motion Inc: ±90º Az: ±90º Inc: ±90º Az: ±90º Inc: ±90º Az: ±90º Inc: ±90º Az: ±90º
Max Display Size (see note 1)
Width x Height, Diagonal (4:3) 15.2” x 11.4”, 19” 24.0” x 18.0”, 30" 38.4” x 28.8”, 48" 57.6” x 43.2”, 72"
Width x Height, Diagonal (16:9) 16.6” x 9.3”, 19” 26.2” x 14.7”, 30" 41.8” x 23.5”, 48" 62.8” x 35.4”, 72"
Weight Contact Westar
Orthogonal Goniometer (Optional) FPM-500 FPM-510 FPM-510W FPM-520 FPM-530 FPM-5XX
DUT Mounting Plate W x H 16" x 17" 24" x 24" 32" x 24" 48" x 24" 70" x 36" Contact Westar
Range of Motion Tip: ±90º Turn: ±90º Tip: ±90º Turn: ±90º Tip: ±90º Turn: ±90º Tip: ±90º Turn: ±90º
Max Display Size (see note 1)
Width x Height, Diagonal (4:3) 16.0” x 12.0", 20" 24.0” x 18.0”, 30" 32.0” x 24.0”, 40" 32.0” x 24.0”, 40" 48.0” x 36.0”, 60"
Width x Height, Diagonal (16:9) 16.0” x 9.0”, 18" 24.0” x 13.5”, 27" 32.0” x 18.0”, 37" 42.7” x 24.0”, 49" 64.0” x 36.0”, 73"
Weight Contact Westar
Test Capabilities (see note 2) FPM-500 FPM-510 FPM-510W FPM-520 FPM-530 FPM-5XX
Center Screen Luminance, Color, Contrast Ratio, Gamma, CIE Chromaticity, Color Gamut and %NTSC, CCT
Uniformity Luminance Uniformity, Color Uniformity, Contrast Ratio Uniformity
Viewing Angle Luminance vs. Viewing Angle, Contrast vs. Viewing Angle, Color vs. Viewing Angle
Temporal Gray Level Response Time, Flicker
Reflection Specular Reflection, Diffuse Reflection
Other Shadowing (Cross-Talk), Image Retention, Warm-Up time
Standardized Test Suites VESA FPDM 2.0, ICDM, TCO ’99/’03/’05, ISO 13406-2, SAE, Others
Custom Tests Yes, Contact Westar
Options and Accessories FPM-500 FPM-510 FPM-510W FPM-520 FPM-530 FPM-5XX
Optional Instruments Instruments from Westar, Topcon, Minolta, Photo Research, BW-Tek, Optronic Laboratories
Optional LCD Testers Westar T Drive Series, Astro VG Series, Quantum Data QD Series
Optional Lighting for Reflection Tests We offer lighting kits that can be used for diffuse and specular reflection testing
Optional Power Supplies / DMM Sorensen DLM Series, Keithley 2000, 2400
Fixturing Optional Standard Universal Fixture (SUF) for LCMs up to 1” thick
System Controller PC FPM-500 FPM-510 FPM-510W FPM-520 FPM-530 FPM-5XX
Processor / Motherboard 19” Rack Mounted Industrial PC with 7X USB, 6X RS-232, 2X Ethernet Ports
Monitor and Peripherals 22” LCD Flat Panel, Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick
Operating System and Software Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, National Instruments TestStand, Westar ViewPoint
System FPM-500 FPM-510 FPM-510W FPM-520 FPM-530 FPM-5XX
System Dimensions W x D x H (cm) 122 x 76 x 200 183 x 122 x 200 183 x 122 x 200 244 x 152 x 213 305 x 230 x 270 Contact Westar
PC Rack Enclosure W x D x H (cm) 56 x 64 x 105
Power 120 VAC, 15A, 60Hz

Notes: 1. Display size max dimension includes bezel. 2. Test capabilities vary based on system configuration and are dependent on options such as the optical instrument, test pattern generator, and baseline system.

Ordering Information

The standard configuration FPM H Series includes the following:

  • Optical Table Base
  • 3 Axis Instrument Stage
  • 2 Axis Polar Goniometer
  • Controller PC with Rack
  • Westar ViewPoint Software
  • NI TestStand

Check out the Options and Accessories to find out more information on customizing the FPM H Series for your application

We have an extensive catalog of options and accessories for the FPM H Series including:

  • Optical instruments and software
  • LCD testers and test pattern generators
  • Lighting options for reflection testing
  • Power supplies and DMMs
  • Display fixturing
  • Customized test sequences

Contact Westar for more information on options and accessories

A certified Westar installer will arrive at your facility to install the FPM Display Measurement System. After installing the system, the installer will provide up to 3 days of training on operation.
The FPM H Series Display Measurement System comes with a limited 1 year warranty and 1 year of technical support. Contact Westar for extended warranty and support options.

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