Cell Phone Display Measurement System - QuickTest II+

QuickTest II+
Cell Phone Display Measurement System

The QuickTest II+ performs rapid statistical Qualification and QC testing on cell phone displays, hand-held displays, and other small format LCD and OLED displays. QuickTest II+ is a successor to our QuickTest system which is installed at LCD manufacturing facilities world-wide.

In the past, Qualification and QC testing of cell phone displays often involved a dark room laboratory with optical instruments mounted on home-made fixtures. The testing was labor intensive and took too long to acquire significant statistical data. This resulted in very long test times for qualification testing and limited QC verification. With its  integrated instruments, display drive, and powerful software, QuickTest II+ makes rapid qualification testing and QC testing possible!

Display Size

Test up to 9″ displays using DUT trays for fast and repeatable display fixturing

Optical Instruments

3 instruments included: Spectrometer, CCD Camera, and Response Time detector

Fast Automated Tests

Under 30 seconds per display for most optical performance test sequences

Test Pattern Generators

Includes a Westar T-Drive SD-100 LCD Tester for automated test pattern generations and control

Designed for production line or lab

QuickTest II+ provides an entire dark room laboratory in a box. QuickTest II+ can be used on the LCD or OLED production line or in the lab and the typical test time is less than 30 seconds per display. The QuickTest II+ software performs Pass/Fail testing and calculates statistical process parameters, such as Cpk, while logging all test data to a database.

Full optical characterization

QuickTest II+ can be set up to run many standard test suites and other display tests as well as programmable customized tests. Contact Us to learn more.

Center Screen Luminance

Center Screen Color

CIE Chromaticity

Correlated Color Temperature

Color Gamut and %NTSC

Luminance Uniformity

Contrast Ratio



Gray Level Response Time

Shadowing (Cross Talk)

Image Retention

Warm Up Time

Custom Tests and more…

For an explanation on these tests and other common display measurement terms, check out the Glossary of Display Optical Measurement

Includes 3 optical instruments

QuickTest II+ employs three sensors, each optimized for specific measurement tasks. A high sensitivity spectrometer with a cooled back-thinned CCD provides the highest measurement accuracy throughout the color gamut for luminance, contrast and color measurements. A CCD camera provides rapid uniformity data. Westar’s proven Temporal Response Detector (TRD-100) uses a PMT to provide accurate flicker and response time measurement. All systems come factory calibrated to specification with available optional annual on-site calibration service to ensure accuracy specifications are maintained over time.
Test Pattern

Automated test pattern generation

QuickTest II+ comes standard with our T-Drive SD100 LCD Tester. T-Drive SD-100 drives RGB, CPU, SPI, and other small display formats. Westar offers New Display Tooling (NDT) solutions that allow a custom display to be tested on the QuickTest platform.

Fast and easy to operate

QuickTest II+ verifies critical optical performance parameters of cell phone display modules in an easy to use automated fashion. The graphical user interface allows the operator to select a pre-defined test configuration, start, and stop the test. The operator places a pre-loaded tray, containing the display, on QuickTest’s sliding drawer. The drawer closes and places the display in a controlled lighting environment. The system energizes the display and performs the selected series of tests. The results are compared to stored test limits and the system indicates pass/fail status of the display. The measurement results are then logged to a database. The drawer opens and the test is complete.

PanelTest Interface
Optical Measurement Report - Westar

Customizable reports

QuickTest II+ comes standard with Microsoft Excel for data reporting.  Use one of our pre-formatted reports or design your own.


Parameter Specification
Test Capabilities
Center Screen Luminance, Color, Contrast Ratio, CCT, Gamma, CIE Chromaticity, Color Gamut and %NTSC
Uniformity Luminance Uniformity
Temporal Gray Level Response Time, Flicker
Other Shadowing (Cross-Talk), Image Retention, Warm-Up time
Custom Tests Yes, Contact Westar
Instruments: CCD
Optics Wide Field of View Lens
Resolution Resolution 1392x1040, 12-bit
Uniformity Accuracy ±5%
Uniformity Repeatability ±2%
Instrument Location Fixed, direct view display active area
Instruments: Spectrometer
Detector Type Back thinned CCD Array TE cooled
Optics Fiber optically coupled lens
Measurement Spot Size1 3.5 mm
Spectral Range 380 – 750 nm
Spectral Resolution less than 4nm FWHM
Luminance Range 0.05 ~ 1000 cd/m2
Luminance Accuracy ±3% (illuminant A)
Luminance Repeatability ±0.5% (greater than 1 cd/m2)
Color Accuracy ±0.003 u’v’ (illuminant A)
Color Repeatability ±0.001 u’v’ (greater than 1 cd/m2)
Instruments: Response Time Detector
Model Westar TRD-100
Optics Fiber optically coupled lens
Response Time / Repeatability less than 50us / ±2%
Flicker Accuracy / Amplitude ±1 Hz / ±5%
Parameter Specification
Display Drive
LCD Tester Westar T-Drive SD-100
Interfaces RGB, CPU, 3-wire or 4-wire SPI, MIPI2, MDDI, and other interfaces
LED Backlight Drive Common anode, Common cathode, Series
Power Supplies 3, programmable
Material Handling
Type Pneumatic sliding drawer
Display Fixture Replaceable tray
System - Tray Interconnect Pneumatic pogo pins
Max Signals (std. config) 106
Max Display Dimensions 9” diagonal (16:9)
Load / Unload Time less than 2 sec.
Display Drive Display tooling
Software NI TestStand
Sequences Standard and custom test sequences
System Controller PC
Processor / Motherboard 19” Rack Mounted Industrial PC with 7X USB, 6X RS-232, 2X Ethernet Ports
Monitor and Peripherals 22” LCD Flat Panel, Keyboard, Mouse
Operating System and Software Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Westar QuickTest
Outside Dimensions 19” (W) x 23” (D) x 28” (H)
Weight approx. 30 Kg
Power 115/120 VAC, 15A, 50-60Hz
Air 8CFM @ 90psi
Operating Temperature 20 to 30 C
Notes: 1. Contact Westar for options 2. Display tooling required

Ordering Information

The standard configuration QuickTest II+ includes the following:

  • Rackmount PC with QuickTest Software
  • LCD Monitor
  • Light-safe test enclosure
  • Semi-automated material handling system
  • Integrated sensor suite
  • Spectrometer and CCD camera
  • Westar TRD-100 response time detector
  • T-Drive SD-100 Mobile Display Tester

Check out the Options and Accessories to find out more information on customizing the QuickTest II+ for your application.

We have an extensive catalog of options and accessories for QuickTest II+ including:

  • Test Trays
  • Display Tooling
  • Ni TestStand
  • Customized test sequences

Contact Westar for more information on options and accessories.

A certified Westar installer will arrive at your facility to install the QuickTest II+ Display Measurement System. After installing the system, the installer will provide up to 2 days of training on operation.

The QuickTest II+ Cell Phone Display Measurement System comes with a limited 1 year warranty and 1 year of technical support. Contact Westar for extended warranty and support options.

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