Distortion Correction and Edge Blending Processor - DCP

Low Latency Distortion Correction Processor

The DCP_LL is a low latency, general purpose distortion correction processor. The DCP has numerous applications with a common requirement to “re-shape” incoming video prior to a subsequent display device. This re-shaping may be prior to a projector, or to “undo” the video shaping intended for a projector, prior to a flat panel display.

The DCP can be purchased with 1 to 6 I/O channels. Although some data sharing is possible across channels, typically an I/O channel processes and outputs pixels received on its input. Data may be required from neighboring I/O channels if the distortion correction requires video that is received on neighboring channels.



Supports up to 6 projectors

Supports up to (6) input video streams and outputs up to (6) projectors

DVI I/O resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080P)

Each I/O can support resolutions up to 1920 x 1080

Powerful processing capabilities

Supports geometric correction, color and intensity correction, video area-of-interest control and re-sizing


Distortion Correction for High Resolution projectors

Processing video for a projector into video for a IOS monitor

High Resolution, edge-blended displays


Video Input
Video TypeDVI; HDMI connector
Pixel RateUp to 154 MHz
Standard Computer ResolutionsUp to 1920x1200 (Programmable EDID included for each input channel)
Video Output
Video TypeDVI; HDMI connector
Pixel RateUp to 154 MHz
Standard Computer ResolutionsUp to 1920x1200 (EDID Read function for each output channel)
FeaturesGeometric, color, and alpha corrections per pixel
Each projector output has access to area-of-interest within the Source Image Plane
Includes data sharing to handle video overlap regions outside of the image generator
Color processing depth8 bits per color I/O, 12 bit per color internal processing
DimensionsRackmount config: 19”W x 13.75”D x 3.5”H (2U), Benchtop config: 17.4”W x 13.75”D x 3 7/8”H
WeightLess than 10 lbs.
Tester ControlUSB 2.0
PowerIEC Connector, 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 150 Watts Maximum Input Power
Warranty and Support
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Technical SupportPhone and Email Support Available

Ordering Information

DCP_LL is ordered with 1 to 6 I/O processors, and is identified as DCP_LL-x, where x is the # of I/O channels

The system comes standard with:

  • DCP base unit as ordered (1-6 I/O channels)
  • USB Cable
  • DCP API (Linux and Windows)
  • DCP Utility Software
  • DCP Documentation (API Guide, Instruction Sheet)
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