DVI Video Converter - SP Series 2

SP Series 2
DVI Converter

The SP Series 2™ DVI converter supports various single link DVI and dual link DVI conversions. Four scalers support a myriad of re-sizing and rotation applications along with area-of interest control, and broad PIP capabilities.


Supports up to 4 single link DVI or 2 dual link DVI inputs


Supports up to 4 single link DVI or 2 dual link DVI outputs

Video Features

Scaling, combining, windowing, area-of-interest control, and keying (optional)


DVI video conversion and synchronization

Display Interfaces and Control

DVI Video Converter Connectors - SP Series 2

Input Features

  • Configurable as 4 x single link DVI or 2 x dual link DVI


  • Frame rate conversion; free running, gen-locked, or frame synced outputs. Gen-locked modes provide lowest latency

Output Features

  • Configurable as 4 x single link DVI or 2 x dual link DVI
  • 4 x single link DVI output up to 1920×1200 each. Outputs may be configured as 4 vertical stripes or a 2×2 quadrant
  • 2 x dual link DVI output up to 2Kx2K each

Remote Interface Control

  • Remote interface for both initial setup and operational control
  • Commands define the input type and timing
  • RS-232, USB, and Ethernet with commands defined in the command line description

Video Features

DVI Video Converter Features - SP2

Scaling, Combining, Windowing, & Area-of-Interest

  • Unlimited, independent horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Program image position within a larger background or foreground for each input
  • Reverse image left/right or flip top/bottom
  • Rotate image 90, 180, or 270 degrees
  • PIP performed by mapping each input to a location within the background. Z-ordering priority by input

Optional Video keying

  • RGB, Luma, or HSV Keying inside user-defined key area with programmable foreground & background alphas when key is true or false
  • Separate user-defined foreground and background alphas outside the key area


Combine 4 different video feeds (inputs 1-4) into a single 1080P video feed

The SP2 DVI converter is used to combine 4 different video feeds (inputs 1-4) into a single 1080P video feed. Each layout is easily configured by a hotkey command, making SP2 ideal for viewing multiple video sources. This can be performed on a SP2_C001.

Rotate and combine 3 different video feeds into a 1080P display

In this example, a SP2 is used to capture 3 different video feeds from a normal landscape raster, rotate and combine to allow a normal landscape 1080P display to be used as a portrait display. This can be performed on a SP2_C001.

Crop or scale 2560×1440 to 1920×1080 (1080P)

In this example, a SP2 is used to either take a 1920×1080 window out of a 2560×1440 image, or down-size a 2560×1440 image to 1920×1080. This allows a standard 1080P TV / monitor to be used to view hi resolution content. This can be performed on a SP2_C002.

Multi-IG Compositor combines 2 single link streams into one dual link DVI stream

In this example, an SP2 is used to ombine (2) image generator outputs into a single dual DVI output for a projector or monitor. This can be performed on a SP2_C005.

Multi-IG Compositor combines 2 dual link streams into one

In this example, a SP2 is used to combine (2) dual link DVI image generator outputs into (1) dual DVI output for a projector or monitor. This can be performed on a SP2_C006.

Taking portion of rotated dual DVI video and displaying on a standard monitor

Using an SP2, take a center portion of a 2560×1600 image, rotate it, and display on a standard UXGA or 1080P monitor. This can be performed on a SP2_C002.

Combining (2) Dual DVI projector feeds for Instructor Operator Station (IOS) monitor viewing

In this example, a SP2_C004 is used to combine a left projector feed and a right projector feed, each 2560×1600.  The two video feeds are combined and down-sized for viewing on a 1080P TV.

(Optional Feature) Keying on a video input to combine with 2nd input

In this example, a SP2_C001:Key is used to key a live video feed (in the foreground) over the map graphic (in the background). Using HSV keying, the greenish area (as well as the black, non-active area) becomes transparent, thereby passing the background.

Powerful Configuration Utility

Use Westar’s SP2 configuration utility to define the input timing, output timing, keying scheme (optional feature), and the area-of-interest within the source video and where to map the AOI within the output resolution. The configuration utility supports user-defined:

  • Input Timing and Output Timing
  • Video Scaling and Area-Of-Interest (AOI)
  • “Key” Processing (optional feature)
  • Border Colors
  • Image Flip (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Image Rotate
SP2 Configure Application


ConfigurationSingle Link InputsDual Link InputsSingle Link OutputsDual Link Outputs
SP2_CxxxContact Us for other configurations
Electro Mechanical
Dimensions1U Rackmount: 19"x13.75"x1.75"
PowerIEC Connector, 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, under 60 Watts
ControlRS-232, USB, Ethernet (optional)
Warranty1 Year Limited

Specifications: Board Only (Embedded Applications)

SP2 DVI Converter Board for Embedded Applications

The SP2 DVI Converter can be ordered in as a board only for embedded applications:

  • Physical Dimensions: 200mm x 100mm x 12mm
  • Input Power: +12 VDC, 10 Watts
  • Control Interface: RS-232, USB, Ethernet
  • Video I/O: Single Link DVI or Dual Link DVI
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40°C to +100°C
DVI Video Converter Board - SP Series 2
J22 Position JumperBoard Reset
J3DF11-06DPUSB Interface
J4DF11-06DPFuture Ethernet
J5DF11-10DPRS-232 Interface
J62 Position JumperBoot Jumper
J8DF11-08DPLED Interface
J10DF11-06DPPower Input
J11DF11-04DPCH1 - EDID RX Interface
J13DF11-12DPCH1 - TMDS Video Input
J12DF11-04DPCH2 - EDID RX Interface
J14DF11-12DPCH2 - TMDS Video Input
J15DF11-04DPCH3 - EDID RX Interface
J17DF11-12DPCH3 - TMDS Video Input
J16DF11-04DPCH4 - EDID RX Interface
J18DF11-12DPCH4 - TMDS Video Input
J19DF11-20DPCH1/2 - TMDS Video Output
J20DF11-04DPCH1 EDID TX Interface
J21DF11-04DPCH2 EDID TX Interface
J223 Position JumperDDC Source
J23DF11-06DPDDC 5V Power Output
J24DF11-06DPDDC 5V Power Input
J25DF11-20DPCH3/4 - TMDS Video Output
J26DF11-04DPCH3 EDID TX Interface
J27DF11-04DPCH4 EDID TX Interface

Ordering Information

The SP Series 2 consists of the SP2 board mounted in a 1U enclosure with universal power supply and cabling for your unique application, including appropriate SL DVI and DL DVI cables.

The SP Series 2 can be ordered in a “board only” configuration if needed for embedded applications.

Contact Westar for additional options and accessories

The SP Series 2 Configuration number defines the cabling, enclosure, and power supply configuration. The ordering number is identified as SP2_Cxxx, where xxx is the Configuration number. 


SP2 Board Only
SP2Board OnlySP2 board only configuration for embedded applications
SP2 /KeyBoard OnlySP2 board only with Keying
SP2_C001EnclosedSP2 configured with 4 SL DVI Inputs and 1 SL DVI Output
SP2_C002EnclosedSP2 configured with 1 DL DVI Input and 1 SL DVI Output
SP2_C003EnclosedSP2 configured with 4 SL DVI Inputs and 4 SL DVI Outputs
SP2_C004EnclosedSP2 configured with 2 DL DVI Inputs and 2 SL DVI Outputs
SP2_C005EnclosedSP2 configured with 4 SL DVI Inputs and 2 DL DVI Outputs
SP2_C006EnclosedSP2 configured with 2 DL DVI Inputs and 1 DL DVI Output
SP2_C007EnclosedSP2 configured with 2 DL DVI Inputs and 2 DL DVI Outputs
SP2_C008EnclosedSP2 configured with 2 SL DVI Inputs, 1 DL DVI Input, and 1 DL DVI Output
SP2_C009EnclosedSP2 configured with 2 DL DVI Inputs and 4 SL DVI Outputs
SP2_Cxxx :KeyEnclosedSP2_Cxxx with Keying enabled
SP2_Cxxx :EEnclosedSP2_Cxxx with Ethernet enabled
SP2_Cxxx :Key :EEnclosedSP2_Cxxx with both Keying and Ethernet enabled

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