Response Time Detector - TRD-200

Gray Level Response Time Measurement Kit

The Gray-Level Response Time measurement kit enables rapid measurement of gray-level response time of LCD displays. The package consists of Westar’s gray-level response time measurement software combined with the TRD-200 Temporal Response Detector, and T-Drive™ II LCD Tester.

The GLRT system is used by major display manufacturers and integrators throughout the world. This system automates gray-to-gray response time measurements of LCD displays, saving hundreds of hours in the lab.



Includes instrument, LCD tester, and software

Includes TRD-200, T-Drive II, and GLRT software

Measure gray level response time and flicker

Standalone kit for measuring gray level response time, flicker frequency, and flicker intensity

No oscilloscope required

Internal 500KHz digitizer with USB interface. No need for oscilloscope or data acquisition cards


Product testing for quality assurance and quality control

Response time and flicker measurements of cell phone displays, tablets, flat panel monitors, and LCD TVs for QA/QC.

Product R&D and engineering

LCD and OLED display response time measurements for R&D and engineering.

See it in Action

The GLRT software is easy to use and provides automated sweeps through a user specified number of gray-levels. The results are presented as a 3-D graph and as a table of numeric response time values. Response times as short as 100us can be measured with the standard instrument.


TypeHamamatsu H10722-110
Spectral Response230 nm to 700 nm
Frequency BandwidthDC to 20 kHz
Sample Rate500 KHz
A/D Resolution16-Bit
Buffer4 Mega-sample
Trigger TypesAdjustable Trigger Level
Positive / Negative Edge
External Trigger Input (TTL)
Gain AdjustmentsMicroprocessor controlled with peak detection (works with pulsed signals)
More InfoView Full TRD-200 Specifications
T-Drive II
OutputsLVDS, TMDS / Analog, TTL (optional)
Blink PatternUser specified gray-levels
Blink RateUser specified
Blink Sync OutputTTL
Remote InterfaceUSB
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GLRT Software
Reports3-D gray level graph (surface or bar graph)
Data ExportComma delimited text file
Gray Level ControlsUser selectable gray-level range, and number of measurements within range
Response Time ThresholdsUser selectable (typical 10% – 90%)
PC Requirements (not included)
Operating SystemWindows XP, Windows 7
Processorgreater than 1 GHz
Memorygreater than 256Kb
HDDover 500 Mb free space
Ports2 USB 2.0
System Power100-240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz

Ordering Information

The GLRT kit includes:

Three Lens Options for the TRD-200

The TRD-200 has a C-mount that can work with compatible optics of your choice or you can order a lens from us.  We have three lenses available depending on your application.

FO: Fiber Optic

The “Fiber Optic” option uses a SMA-905 standard fiber optic coupler to receive the light signal from a fiber optically coupled (remote) source.

STD: Standard Objective Lens

The Standard objective lens and 1/16″ pinhole aperture with a working distance of 30 to 60 inches. Use the –STD input optics for most LCD types.

SAO: Slit Aperture Optics

The “Slit Aperture Optics” option uses a horizontal line aperture (slit mask emulation) instead of a circular spot. This allows a single display line to be measured and thus avoids Tr and Tf skew due to oversized spots. This adjustable-focus option is for LCDs with Tr and Tf specs less than 5 ms.

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