LCD Controller - VP14-3ATI

LCD Controller

The VP14-3ATI LCD Controller interfaces with 3ATI displays and other TFT panels requiring a small form factor. The VP14-3ATI is the ideal LCD controller for applications requiring high fidelity analog or digital video conversion, re-sizing, and frame rate conversion for resolutions up to 1920×1200.



Standard and custom video formats up to WUXGA

Converts a wide variety of video formats including RS-343, RS-170, DVI, RGBsog, RGBHV, NTSC/PAL to LVDS


Scaling, Rotating, Windowing, and Area-of-Interest Control

Video area-of-interest control, resizing, rotating, retiming, and reformatting


Single or Dual LVDS up to 165 MPixels/sec

Single or Dual LVDS (up to 165MPixels/sec) at 8 bits/color. Supports parallel video out up to 165 MPixels/sec


3ATI displays

Configurable video electronics for 3ATI displays

Ruggedized tactical displays

LCD controller for ruggedized tactical displays

Embedded applications

With its low-profile design and locking high-density Hirose connectors, the VP7 is ideal for space-constrained displays

Powerful Configuration Utility

The VP14-3ATI is configured via a utility that supports in-the-field firmware, FPGA and parameter (BIOS) updates. The VP14-3ATI can be dynamically controlled over RS232, USB, or Ethernet with parameters stored in non-volatile memory to retain desired settings. Commands support a multi-mode approach to define:

  • A prioritized list of all applicable video input modes that can be automatically detected
  • Mode-independent parameters, such as scaled (output) area-of-interest and location within output resolution
  • Synchronization method
  • Sequences for power up, loss of video and video detection
VP14 Configuration Utility Software
VP14 Input Mode Setup

Automatic Video Input Mode Detection

Modes define both the electrical form (RGB, DVI, etc) and the timing of a video input. With fully customizable input mode definitions for each video input, programmable panel power sequences, full control of window size and location within the output area-of-interest, and programmable output timing parameters, you can configure the VP14-3ATI for your application.

  • Each video input can be configured with multiple modes per electrical format (such as VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA modes on the RGB interface).
  • When a given electrical format is selected, such as RGB, the VP14-3ATI can automatically detect the pre-programmed, prioritized input modes and convert the modes to a desired output mode.
  • If valid video is not detected per that mode definition, the VP14-3ATI can be programmed to drive a specific flood field.
VP14 Video Processing Features

Scaling, Windowing, and Area-of-Interest Control

  • Independent horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Programmable input area-of-interest is mapped to user-defined area within the output resolution

Rotate video, flip left to right or top to bottom

The VP14-3ATI supports video rotation (in 90 degree increments) for applications with sideways mounted displays, cameras, or other video sources. Video can also be flipped from top to bottom or left to right for specialty applications.

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Dimensions2.9" x 3.0" x 0.80"
Temperature RangeOperating: 0°C to +70°C
Storage: -40°C to +100°C
Video Inputs
Port 1 - Multi-Standard Decoder
  • RGB (up to WUXGA resolutions @ 60Hz)
  • DVI (up to 165 MHz)
  • NTSC/PAL (composite or S-Video)
  • Component
  • Syncs (Digital Separate, Digital Composite, Analog Composite)
Alternate Port 1 - 3G-SDI
Video OutputsSingle or Dual LVDS (up to 165MPixel/sec)
  • Independent horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Video Flip (left-right, top-bottom)
  • Frame Rate Conversion
  • De-Interlace
  • Inverter Interface
Input Power+12 VDC, 10 Watts
ControlRS-232, USB, optional Ethernet

Connector Definition

LCD Controller - VP14
LCD Controller - VP14
VP14-3ATI Output and Control Connectors (Display-Facing)
J1DF11-06DPUSB Interface
J3DF11-06DPEthernet Interface
J5DF11-10DPFactory Use Only
J6DF11-10DPRS-232 Interface
J7DF11-08DPLED Interface
J18DF11-16DPDiscrete I/O
J281 Position JumperFactory Use Only
J29DF11-10DPFactory Use Only
J32DF11-14DPLVDS Video Out (Dual Pixel)
J33DF11-14DPLVDS Video Out (Single Pixel)
J36DF11-08DPAnalog to Digital Converter Inputs
VP14-3ATI Port 1 Multi-Standard Decoder Connectors (see note 1)
J21 Position JumperInverter Voltage Select
J84 Position JumperInverter Power Select
J94 Position JumperUUT Power Select
J10DF11-18DPInverter Interface
J13DF11-06DPPower Input
J17DF11-10DPVGA Video Input
J24DF11-14DPComponent / Composite Input
J25DF11-12DPTMDS Video Input
J371 Position JumperFactory Use Only
Note 1: VP14-3ATI /SDI has different input connectors

Ordering Information

The VP14-3ATI includes:

  • VP14 LCD Controller Board with either Multi-Standard Decoder or 3G-SDI
  • Configuration Utility Software
Board NumberDescription
VP14-3ATIVP14-3ATI with Multi-Standard Decoder on Port 1
VP14-3ATI /SDIVP14-3ATI with SDI on Port 1
VP14-3ATI-CXXXVP14-3ATI with mechanical configuration xxx

Optional Ethernet is available via cable assembly with built-in Ethernet port.
If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us for info on standard and custom LCD controller options and configurations.

Optional Adapters (ordered separately)

Board NumberBoard TypeDescription
110729Power BoardDC Power Board
110664LED Backlight DriverLED Backlight Driver Board
110761Input AdapterDisplayPort to DVI Paddleboard
110754Output AdapterLVDS to DVI Output Adapter
110775Output AdapterLVDS to Parallel Output Adapter

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