LCD Controller - VP7-S

LCD Controller

The VP7-S LCD Controller provides a direct connection between analog and digital DVI video sources and a wide range of AMLCD modules. The VP7-S is the ideal LCD controller for applications that require high fidelity analog or digital video conversion, re-sizing, and frame rate conversion for resolutions up to SXGA.



Supports standard and custom video formats

Converts a wide variety of video formats including RS-343 to LVDS, RS-170 to LCD, RGBHV to TTL, and custom video formats

Video retiming and reformatting

Video area-of-interest control, resizing, retiming, and reformatting

Video input sync

Supports video sources with sync-on-green and composite video syncs

Programmable power sequence

Programmable TFT power sequencing for unique operational modes


Simulated cockpit displays

Configurable video electronics for simulated cockpit displays

Ruggedized tactical displays

LCD controller for ruggedized tactical displays

Embedded applications

With its low-profile design and locking high-density Hirose connectors, the VP7-S is ideal for space-constrained displays

Custom display solutions

Perfect for applications that require a configurable lcd controller

Designed for Embedded Applications

With its low-profile design and locking high-density Hirose connectors, the VP7-S is ideal for space-constrained displays. The RS-232 interface allows easy updates even after the VP7-S is installed in your display.

User Programmable

With fully customizable input and output timing parameters, the VP7-S can be configured for your unique application. If your display or video input source changes, simply reconfigure the VP7-S.

Supports Standard and Custom Video

In addition to converting analog RGB for TFT panels, the VP7-S is great for digitizing interlaced video formats such as RS-343, RS-170, and STANAG. The VP7-S can also be programmed to support custom or non-standard video formats.

Looking for enhanced capabilities?

If you require higher resolution or other capabilities, consider the VP14 LCD Controller.


5.25″ x 2.50″ x 0.50″
Temperature Range
  • Operating: 0°C to +70°C
  • Storage: -40°C to +100°C
Video Inputs
  • Up to SXGA resolutions @ 60Hz
  • Analog Input (162 MHz) DVI Input (165 MHz)
  • Standard and custom timing
  • Syncs (Digital Separate, Digital Composite, Analog Composite)
Video Outputs
  • Single (24 bit panel)
  • Single LVDS output
  • Pixel rate single = 108 MHz
  • Independent horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Video Flip (left-right, top-bottom)
  • Frame Rate Conversion
  • De-Interlace
  • Inverter Interface
Input Power
+5VDC, 4 Watts
ConnectorHirose DF11Description
10 PinRS-232 Control
14 PinBacklight Inverter Control
22 PinPower and Contrast


10 PinAnalog Video Input
16 PinDiscrete I/O Output
10 PinControl Output to Display
32 PinDigital Data Output
12 PinTMDS Input
14 PinLVDS Output

Ordering Information

The VP7-S includes:

  • VP7-S LCD Controller Board
  • Configuration Utility Software

SD Daughtercards for VP Series LCD Controllers

DisplayDaughtercardBoard NumberLCD ControllerBrochure
Sharp LQ043T3DX02SD-1110321VP7 SeriesSD-1
Sharp LS037V7DW01SD-2110319VP7-S
Sharp LS037V7DW01SD-3110323VP7 Series
Korry KDM1040SD-4110118VP7 Series
Sharp LQ5AW136SD-5109120VP-SSD-5
Korry KDM500SD-5109120VP-SSD-5
Casio COM50T5123XLCSD-6110439VP-SSD-6
Sharp LQ043T1DG02SD-7110321VP7 SeriesSD-7
Sharp LQ080Y5DZ01SD-8110427VP7 Series
Sharp LQ042T5DZ01SD-8110427VP7 Series

Optional Mezzanines and Adapters (ordered separately)

Board NumberBoard TypeDescription
110729Power BoardDC Power Board
110664LED Backlight DriverLED Backlight Driver Board
110761Input AdapterDisplayPort to DVI Paddleboard
110459Output AdapterParallel Video to DVI Converter

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