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T-Drive II
LCD Tester

Westar’s T-Drive II is ready to meet the needs of the LCD panels in today’s consumer electronics; with 10 bit color output, quad LVDS, eDP/DisplayPort, high pixel clock frequency, programmable power, and more. The T-Drive II LCD tester can drive LCD panels for LCD-TV, Notebook PC’s, and monitors.

T-Drive II provides a complete stimulus for LCD panels and monitors sized to fit on your workstation. The easy-to-use keypad, built-in pattern sequences, and storage for hundreds of drive profiles allow an operator to test panels quickly and efficiently. Built-in test patterns, such as a movable crosshair, and easy adjustments, such as color intensity and backlight intensity, help the operator quickly assess a LCD panel.

A standard T-Drive II is delivered with Quad LVDS output and the ability to display downloaded bitmaps.



Supports up to WQXGA resolutions

LVDS output up to WQXGA, 10 bit color depth. TMDS and analog video output up to UXGA, 8 bit color depth. eDP/DisplayPort output up to WQXGA, 10 bit bolor depth


Drives a wide variety of LCD panels and backlights

Programmable raster timing and power to drive a wide variety of LCD panels and backlight controllers


EDID, power, and inverter control

EDID read/write/compare, power sequencing, inverter control, power consumption measurements


Powerful test pattern capabilities

Real time adjustments of test patterns, storage of custom test patterns


LCD Tester for notebook, monitor, and TV repair

Digital video generator for automated LCD optical testing

LCD Tester for flat panel display R&D and QA/QC

Video & trigger stimulus for latency measurements

Powerful Configuration Utility

T-Link is a software application that helps you to manage the files stored on your T-Drive II. T-Link includes an easy to use editor to create a timing / electrical panel profile and pattern list.  Some of the parameters that can be configured using T-Link include:

  • Programmable raster timing and programmable power
  • EDID read/write/compare
  • Custom pattern download and display
  • Power consumption measurements
  • Backlight driver control
  • User-defined pattern lists and auto pattern sequencing

Hardware Configurability

T-Drive II has four video output card slots. This gives you the ability to populate the tester with the needed outputs. The standard tester comes with one Quad LVDS output card leaving three spare slots for optional cards such as DisplayPort, TMDS/Analog, or Digital parallel TTL outputs.

Enhanced Pattern Generation

T-Drive II includes enhanced patterns with adjustments for color, intensity, and, where applicable, position and size. Custom patterns in the form of bitmaps may be downloaded and stored in T-Drive II for display on your LCD.

Looking for enhanced capabilities?

If you require higher resolution, consider the TDrive III LCD Tester


Video Output Specification
Bits per Pixel 10 bit per color
Pixels per Clock 1, 2, or 4
Clock Frequency 8 to 135 MHz (effectively up to 270M pixels/sec for 2 or 4 pixels/clock)
DisplayPort (optional)
Bits per Pixel 10 bit per color
Lanes 1, 2, or 4
Rate (per lane) 1.6 or 2.7 Gbit/sec
Clock Frequency 20 to 270 MHz
TMDS (optional)
Bits per Pixel 8 bit per color
Pixels per Clock 1
Clock Frequency 25 to 165 MHz
Analog (optional)
Bits per Pixel 8 bit per color
Pixels per Clock 1
Clock Frequency 1 to 165 MHz
TTL (optional)
Bits per Pixel 8 bit per color
Pixels per Clock 1 or 2
Clock Frequency 1 to 85 MHz (effectively up to 170M pixels/sec for 2 pixels/clock)
Power Generation, Switching, and Sequencing
Power Supplies 1 and 3 2.5 to 24 VDC, up to 3A
Power Supply 2 9 to 24 VDC, up to 6A
Power Supply 4 Option -24 to -2.5VDC, up to 0.5A
Power Supply Accuracy Greater of 150mV and +/-3%
Max Deliverable Power Up to 150 W
Switching Time less than 1 msec (typical)
Power Sequence Delay From 1 to 10,000 msec, 1 msec increment
Meas. Accuracy +/-60mV, +/-60mA
Meas. Precision 0.01V, 0.01A
Parameter Specification
Control Interfaces
B/L Driver Control Resistive, Voltage, I2C (Digital), PWM
Discretes 8 In, 8 Out, 3.3VDC or 5 VDC TTL
Test Patterns
Standard Patterns Full Screen Color
Pixel Horizontal or Vertical Line
Movable Crosshair
4 Color Horizontal or Vertical Wedge
Horizontal or Vertical Gray Scale
Static or Moving Rectangle
Response Time Animation
Color Bars
Blink (Trigger out signal active)
Additional Features
Pattern Features Movable crosshair overlay for all patterns
Moving Bitmap
Blinking rectangle overlay for all patterns
EDID EDID read/write/compare (EDID ver 1.4)
Storage Capacity
Pattern List 16 lists of up to 32 patterns
Timing Profile 500
Bitmap 48 images up to WQXGA
Dimensions 5.75” H x 12.75” L x 9.23” D
Weight 7.5 lbs
Tester Control USB 2.0
Power 88 to 254VAC, 240 W max, 47-63 Hz
Warranty and Support
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Technical Support Phone and Email Support Available

Ordering Information

The system comes standard with Quad LVDS output and bitmap capability. Other options are available such as DisplayPort output card, Digital parallel (TTL) output cards, TMDS/Analog output cards, Negative power supply, and Windows DLL for remote control.

Check out our LCD Tester Options or Contact Us for info on T-Drive options and accessories.

The T-Drive II includes:

  • T-Drive II base unit
  • Quad LVDS Output Card (leaving three spare slots for optional cards)
  • Storage for 48 custom patterns
  • Handheld Keypad
  • USB Cable
  • T-Link Software with User’s Manual

Optional Features

  • DisplayPort output card
  • TMDS/Analog output card
  • Digital parallel (TTL) output cards
  • Negative power supply
  • Windows DLL for remote control

If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us for info on T-Drive options and accessories.

Westar’s family of LCD Testers are supported by our Tooling Solutions. A tooling solution allows you, the customer, to use our LCD Tester to test a particular display. Tooling solutions are developed cost-effectively by our support staff, saving you time and money for your test functions.

For quickest delivery of tooling solutions, we ask that you supply a sample display, along with its specification or datasheet. Our tooling specialists will use this information to create a tooling solution. We have already developed hundreds of tooling solutions for many common LCD panels. Just ask our support staff if we have a solution already complete!

Our cabling solutions are delivered with schematics to allow you to repair your cables, or build more yourself. Our profiles are ready-to-use on your TFT Tester, already tested at our facility!

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