Topcon BM-9A Luminance Meter

Topcon BM-9A
Luminance Meter

This entry level luminance meter includes the essential features for basic luminance measurements of illuminated surfaces, materials, flat panel displays, and area (extended) light sources.  It is a modular design with a separate detector unit (3 options available) and a base unit (computing & display) allowing you to select the optimal detector for the job.

Suitable for laboratory, production line, or outdoor/field measurements (handheld, battery operation), the BM-9A optical instrument meets a wide range of requirements for the most common light measurement jobs.



Wide luminance range

Measure wide luminance ranges from 0.1 to 2,800,000 cd/m2 (with the 1° detector)


Handheld or tripod measurements

Compact design makes the BM-9A easy to use for handheld or tripod measurements


Three detectors available

Three types of detectors available: 2° / 1° / 0.2°


Luminance measurement of LCDs, CRTs, OLEDs, LEDs, etc.

Transmittance of LCD polarizing plates & filters

Luminance measurement of various light sources

Step it up

If you require lower light measurements (below 0.01 cd/m2), multiple apertures within a single instrument, or color (chromaticity) measurements, consider the Topcon BM-7AC or Topcon BM-5AC. These Color Filter Photometers measure luminance across a broader range with improved speed and precision. Both models make color measurements with dedicated tri-stimulus filters and include four standard measurement apertures: 2° / 1° / 0.2° / 0.1°. The BM-5AC uses a Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT) sensor and is therefore more sensitive than the BM-7AC which uses Silicon Photo Diode sensors.

Parameter Detector
BM-9A20D BM-9A10D BM-9A02D
Measurement Aperture 0.2°
Optical System Objective lens: f=36mm F2.5
Measurement Distance 350mm – Inf.
Luminance Range cd/m2 0.01 ~ 280,000 0.1 ~ 2,800,000 1 ~ 28,000,000
Luminance Accuracy ±2% of reading ± 2 digit
Spot Size at 1m 32.3 mm 16.2 mm 3.23 mm
Min. Spot Size at 35cm 9.5 mm 4.8 mm 0.95 mm
Dimensions Approx 190mm (L) x 108mm (W) x 57mm (H)

Ordering Information

The BM-9A base unit requires at least one detector unit to make measurements. Choose the detector based on your required minimum luminance (sensitivity) and measurement aperture (determines spot size).

Select the BM-9A20D detector if you must measure luminance levels down to 0.01 cd/m2.

Select the BM-9A02D if you require the smallest measurement spot size and can accept the higher minimum luminance level (1 cd/m2).

Select the BM-9A10D for a good mid-range detector which balances spot size and sensitivity.

See the BM-9A Brochure for available options. Popular options include:

  • Keyboard Unit (for entering calibration data or reference measurements)
  • RS-232 cable (for connection to a PC)
  • AC adapter/battery charger
  • AL-13 adapter lens (for reducing the measurement spot).

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