Mobile LCD Tester - T-Drive SD100

T-Drive SD100
Mobile Display Tester

Our T-Drive SD100 mobile display tester can drive most small format displays on the market today such as cell phone display modules and tablet displays. The T-Drive SD100 is a popular flat panel display tester for LCD displays and C-STN displays with CPU or SPI interfaces used extensively in product development R&D and manufacturing QA/QC.

T-Drive SD100 provides everything you need to drive your cell phone or tablet display including the video interface (RGB or CPU), power, discretes, constant-current LED sources, and SPI programming interface. The easy-to-use keypad, built-in pattern sequences, and storage for hundreds of drive profiles allow an operator to test panels quickly and efficiently.

Built-in test patterns, such as a movable crosshair, and easy adjustments, such as color intensity and backlight intensity, help the operator quickly assess a panel. If you need a custom test pattern, T-Drive SD100′s bitmap capability is a feature you will appreciate.



Supports RGB, CPU and SPI Interfaces

Programmable horizontal and vertical timing for RGB interfaces. Selectable CPU or SPI interface types, with programmable bit-packing and sequences to initialize the display


Powerful test pattern capabilities

Wide selection of built-in test patterns or downloaded images, quickly loaded to the display via the RGB interface or the appropriate CPU or SPI graphic memory interface


Programmable power rails

3 programmable power rails for your small format display and accurate drive currents for various LED backlight configurations, including LEDs connected in series or in parallel


Small format display testing

LCD tester for cell phone modules, tablet displays, and other small format displays

Digital video generator for automated LCD optical testing

Use the SD100 with one of our FPM Series Display Performance Measurement systems

LCD Tester for flat panel display R&D and QA/QC

Powerful Configuration Utility

T-Encoder helps you to manage the timing profiles and pattern lists stored in your T-Drive SD100. T-Encoder includes an easy to use editor to create timing/electrical module profiles and pattern lists. Timing profiles and pattern lists are easily downloaded to the T-Drive SD100 via USB. Some of the parameters that can be configured using T-Encoder include:

  • Programmable raster timing and programmable power
  • Custom pattern download and display
  • Backlight driver control
  • User-defined pattern lists and auto pattern sequencing

Hardware Configurability

The system comes standard with digital interface, power/LED drive cards and bitmap capability. Other options are available such as display interconnect kits, TMDS / Analog RGB output card, LVDS output card, and Windows DLL for remote control.

Enhanced Pattern Generation

T-Drive SD100 includes enhanced patterns with adjustments for color, intensity, and, where applicable, position and size. Custom patterns in the form of bitmaps may be downloaded and stored in T-Drive SD100 for display on your LCD.

Looking for enhanced capabilities?

If you require higher resolution, consider the TDrive III LCD Tester


Video Output Specification
RGB Interface (note 1)
Bits per Pixel 8 bit per color
Pixels per Clock 1
Clock Frequency Up to 25 Mhz
Horizontal (clocks per line)
Total Up to 2047
Active 8 to 1024
Back Porch 1 clk increment
Front Porch 1 clk increment
Sync Pulse Width 1 clk increment
Vertical (lines per frame)
Total Up to 2047
Active 1 to 1024
Back Porch 1 line increment
Front Porch 1 line increment
Sync Pulse Width 1 line increment
CPU Interface (note 1)
CPU Type Intel, Motorola
Bus Width 8, 9, 16, 18, 24
Graphics Memory
Resolution Up to 640 x 480
Color Color or Mono
Gray Scale Depth 1 to 8
Bit Packing Various bit packing options are available
LED Interface
Types Serial, Common anode/cathode
LED Current 0.0 to 35.0 mA
Compliance Voltage Up to 25 VDC
Prog. Resolution 3 µA
Accuracy 100 µA at 15mA
SPI Interface
Types 3-wire or 4-wire
Bus Width 8, 9, 16, 18, 24
Power Generation
P1 (VDD), P2, P3 1.4 to 3.6 VDC, up to 25 mA
Resolution 1 mV
Accuracy 10 mV
Notes: (1) Output of RGB and CPU signals are not simultaneous.
Parameter Specification
Additional Features
Trigger Output signal for all patterns (TTL level) - Remote I/F only
PWM Frequency Up to 3 MHz
Display Commands Via Vector Files
Discretes 5 In, 5 Out
Test Patterns
Standard Patterns Test Patterns (RGB and CPU)
Full Screen Color
1 or 2 Pixel Horizontal or Vertical Line
Movable Crosshair
4 Color Horizontal or Vertical Wedge
Horizontal or Vertical Gray Scale
Static Rectangle
1 or 2 Pixel Checkerboard
Test Patterns (RGB only)
Moving Rectangle
Response Time Animation
Power Sequencing
Enable / Disable Voltages, Video, LED current
Set / Reset Discretes
Switching Time less than 1 msec (typical)
Power Sequence Delay From 100 µsec to 1 sec, 100 µsec increment
Storage Capacity
Pattern List 16 lists of up to 32 patterns
Timing Profile 250
Bitmap 256MB (standard): 40 images
512MB (optional): 80 images
Vector File 50 files of up to 256 bytes
Dimensions 5.75” H x 12.75” L x 7.75” D
Weight 6 lbs
Tester Control USB 2.0
Power 88 to 264VAC, 150 W max, 47-63 Hz
Warranty and Support
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Technical Support Phone and Email Support Available

Ordering Information

The system comes standard with digital interface, power/LED drive cards and bitmap capability. Other options are available such as display interconnect kits, TMDS/Analog RGB output card, LVDS output card, and Windows DLL for remote control

Check out our LCD Tester Options or Contact Us for info on T-Drive SD100 options and accessories.

The T-Drive SD100 includes:

  • T-Drive SD100 base unit
  • SD100 output cards
  • Storage for 40 custom patterns
  • Handheld Keypad
  • USB Cable
  • T-Encoder Software with User’s Manual

Optional Features

  • Other output cards to convert T-Drive SD100 to a standard T-Drive for larger displays (contact Westar for details)
  • Additional storage for images
  • Interconnect and profile setup for your displays
  • Windows DLL for remote control

If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us for info on T-Drive options and accessories.

Westar’s family of LCD Testers are supported by our Tooling Solutions. A tooling solution allows you, the customer, to use our LCD Tester to test a particular display. Tooling solutions are developed cost-effectively by our support staff, saving you time and money for your test functions.

For quickest delivery of tooling solutions, we ask that you supply a sample display, along with its specification or datasheet. Our tooling specialists will use this information to create a tooling solution. We have already developed hundreds of tooling solutions for many common LCD panels. Just ask our support staff if we have a solution already complete!

Our cabling solutions are delivered with schematics to allow you to repair your cables, or build more yourself. Our profiles are ready-to-use on your TFT Tester, already tested at our facility!

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