Topcon SR-UL1R Spectroradiometer

Topcon SR-UL1R
Ultra Low Luminance Spectroradiometer

NEW PRODUCT ALERT – As of February 2022, the Topcon SR-UL1R has been replaced by the SR-5 Series. Please visit the SR-5 Series Product Page to learn more.

The SR-UL1R Spectroradiometer offers a 100x improvement in low light sensitivity over the entry level SR-3AR. That means this spectroradiometer can compete with many low light photometers while providing the increased color accuracy and full spectral measurements available only in a diffraction grating and linear CCD based system.

The SR-UL1R provides increased color accuracy (±0.002 xy) and guaranteed accuracy luminance measurements down to 0.001 cd/m2. The four standard apertures (2° / 1° / 0.2° / 0.1°) are automatically selectable by the control panel or through the USB / RS-232 remote interfaces (knob is eliminated) and allow you to optimize the measurement spot size (also a function of working distance) and the minimum measureable luminance level (larger apertures can measure lower levels).  With auto-sync measurements (for flickering light sources), programmable integration time, and a normal/fast mode, the SR-UL1R sets a new standard for full-featured, low-light (< 0.1 cd/m2) instruments.



Measure low luminance with accuracy

Measures luminance and color as low as 0.001 cd/m2 with high accuracy


Luminance, spectral distribution, and CCT measurements

Supports Luminance, Spectral Distribution, CIE1931 and CIE1976 chromaticity coordinates, Tristimulus value XYZ, CCT and Deviation, CIE1976 L*a*b*, Eab*± , CIE1976L*u*v* Euv*±


Four apertures available

Four (4) apertures 0.1°/0.2°/1°/2° enable you to measure luminance from small to wide area without attachment lens


Luminance, Chromaticity, and Color Temperature measurement of LCDs, CRTs, OLEDs, LEDs, etc

Transmittance of LCD polarizing plates & filters

Luminance and color measurement of various light sources

Step it up

For an even lower luminance threshold, faster measurements, and equal color accuracy, consider the Topcon SR-UL2 Spectroradiometer. This ultra-sensitive instrument provides still greater sensitivity for measuring very low luminance levels with full spectral analysis. The SR-UL2 offers guaranteed luminance levels of 0.0005 cd/m2. Like the SR-3AR and SR-UL1R, spectral data is measured in the visible band (380 nm ~ 780 nm) with a 1 nm resolution.

Parameter Aperture
0.2° 0.1°
Optical System Objective lens: f=82mm F2.5
Eyepiece lens: View field 5°, Diopter adjustment range ±5 diopter
Measurement Distance 350mm – Inf.
Luminance Range cd/m2 0.001 ~ 3,000 0.003 ~ 9,000 0.075 ~ 70,000 0.3 ~ 300,000
Spectral Range 380 ~ 780 nm range @ 1 nm resolution
Luminance Accuracy ±2% (for standard illuminant A)
Color Accuracy ±0.002 in 1931 CIE x,y Space
Spot Size at 1m 32.2 mm 16.1 mm 3.2 mm 1.6 mm
Min. Spot Size at 35cm 10 mm 5 mm 1 mm 0.5 mm
Dimensions Approx 406mm (L) x 150mm (W) x 239mm (H)

Ordering Information

The base unit model number is SR-UL1R and includes

  • Instrument with standard lens
  • AC adapter
  • Lens cap
  • Hard shell carrying case
  • Manual
  • USB Cable
  • CD containing CS-900A software

See the SR-UL1R Brochure for available options. Popular options include:

  • AL-6 and AL-11 adapter lenses (for reducing the measurement spot)
  • Tripod and fine adjustment stand (gimbal)
  • Fiber optic probe

If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us for info on Topcon options and accessories.

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