Topcon Optical Instruments
Photometers, Colorimeters, Spectroradiometers, Color Video Photometers, and Response Detectors

Westar Display Technologies is pleased to be the North American distributor (U.S., Canada, Mexico) for Topcon Technohouse Corporation of Japan.

Topcon’s industry-leading light measurement devices are well known across multiple industries including flat panel displays, medical, industrial, automotive, paint & textiles, and aerospace & defense.

SR Series

2D Spectroradiometers

BM Series

Luminance Colorimeters
Luminance Meters

Whether you need a standalone instrument or full system integration, we can help

We offer a wide selection of optical instruments

If you need to measure light, Westar can help you select a Topcon photometer, colorimeter, spectroradiometer, or response detector. In addition to Topcon instruments, we offer a line of temporal response detectors for measuring response time and flicker of your flat panel display or light source.

We can help you find the best instrument for your application

Whether you need to measure luminance, chromaticity, or spectral distribution of an LCD, or measure uniformity of an automotive instrument panel, we can help you select the right instrument for the job.

We also offer system integration, support, and training

Westar specializes in light measurement applications which go beyond the instrument. If you need software support, systems integration assistance, training, or a complete turn-key system, we can help. Contact our light measurement experts for assistance in selecting the right instrument for the job and to discuss your measurement challenges at a system level.

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