2 Channel Video Combiner - EZblend 121

EZblend 221
2 x 2 Channel Video Combiner

The EZblend 221 video combiner converts video from two separate asynchronous sources into a common, synchronized output format, and then combines the video or blends video in one of a variety of methods.  Each EZblend 221 input channel can accept video in one of many formats, including: DVI-I (TMDS and analog RGB), RS-343, RS-170, and STANAG.



Supports resolutions up to UXGA

Video combining for pixel rates up to 165 MHz


2 channels of 2 inputs into 1 output

Configured with 2 channels where each channel has (2) inputs combined into (1) output


Video keying with blending

Alpha blend, RGB key, HSV key, and Luma key


Video combining

Windowing, split screen, top-bottom, PIP, and more


Simulated cockpit displays

Overlaying symbology on background video for simulated cockpit displays

Combining HUD and out-the-window video

Small area background blending and symbology for HUD simulation

Combine dual projector video

View two projector video feeds at a remote monitoring station

Specialty video blending

Security and specialty applications with custom windowing or blending requirements

Input Features

  • Windowing for 2 channels of 2 video inputs
  • DVI-I standard (TMDS and Analog RGB) Inputs
  • Digitization of computer-generated video sources with separate sync, composite sync, or sync-on-green
  • Digitization and de-interlacing of interlaced video formats
  • Fine phase clock adjustment for pixel sampling

Output Features

  • DVI-I standard (TMDS and Analog RGB) Outputs
  • Resolutions up to UXGA with pixel rates up to 165MHz
  • Digital contrast and brightness adjustments on output

Video Combining Capabilities

Alpha blend

Two video sources are mixed per a user defined ratio. This is the most common video blending technique.

RGB keying

Two video sources are mixed, based on RGB content of one of the video sources. Allows Up to (4) different levels of mixing based on If-Then-Else logic statements for RGB content.

HSV keying

Two video sources are mixed, based on the calculated HSV value of each RGB pixel in one of the video sources.

Stereo mixing

Two video sources are synchronized, and then output as alternating fields. This is used for creating active stereo outputs from separate left and right sources. The output is synchronized to one of the inputs. 120 Hz operation is possible, at up to 165 MPixel/sec.


A window is defined within a background region, where the window may exhibit either the foreground or a mix of foreground and background.

Split screen

A portion of the display (top or left) displays one image or a portion of an image, while the other portion (bottom or right) displays the other image, or portion of an image.

Dynamic alpha

Real-time application of alpha data that is digitally encoded with one of the input video channels.

Dynamic contrast

Use of one of the video channels as a real-time pixel-by-pixel contrast adjustment.

Custom video blending

We can customize the EZblend to meet your unique video blending needs. Contact Us for info on customized blending solutions.

Looking for higher resolution? Check out the EZwindow4KE

If you need to work with higher resolution video and displays, the EZwindow4KE can handle up to 4K @ 60Hz


Video Type
Analog RGB (0.7 Volt levels, Interlaced or Non-Interlaced), TMDS
Pixel Rate
Up to 165 MHz
Clocks per Line
Up to 4096
Lines per Frame
Up to 2048
Sync Type
HV, Composite Sync, Sync-on-Green
Phase Adjustments
Adjustable sample clock to ensure center sampling

DVI-I connector for TMDS and Analog RGB (DVI to HD15 adapters included)

Video Type
Analog RGB (0.7 Volt levels, Interlaced or Non-Interlaced), TMDS
Pixel Rate
Up to 165 MHz (<135 MHz if FRD genlock is used)
Clocks per Line
Up to 4096 (1600 active)
Lines per Frame
Up to 2048
Sync Type
HV, Composite Sync, Sync-on-Green

DVI-I connector for TMDS and Analog RGB (DVI to HD15 adapters included)

  • Video Blending (Alpha, RGB, Luma, HSV)
  • Windowing, PIP
  • Video Scaling, Video Flip
  • Interlaced / Non-interlaced conversion
  • Programmable Border Colors
Output Sync Modes
  • Free Run
  • External Sync
  • Sync to Input
Color Depth
8 bits per color
Re-sizing Limit
50% horizontal and vertical shrink
Electro Mechanical

1U Rackmount: 19″x10.25″x1.75″


IEC Connector, 100-240 VAC,

47-63 Hz, under 60 Watts

RS-232, USB, Optional Ethernet
Warranty & Certifications
1 Year Limited

Ordering Information

The standard configuration EZblend 221 comes with the following:

  • EZblend 221 Video Combiner
  • (6) DVI to HD15 adapters
  • RS-232 Serial Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Power Cable

CD Containing

  • Configuration Utility Software
  • User’s Guide
  • Command Line Description

Check out the Options and Accessories and Ordering Configurations tabs for more.

Contact Westar for additional options and accessories

The EZblend 221 configurations are specified via a part number and options identified by a colon (eg :E).

Options include:

Option Description
Ethernet interface installed
Dual Rackmount ears (additional set of ears for connector end)









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