UHD 4K Video Combiner - EZwindow4K

4 Channel Video Splitter with Repeater

The EZsplitter splits video to multiple display heads, and/or converts a video feed into multiple formats. EZsplitter supports resolutions up to WUXGA and can process the following video formats on both the input and output: RS-343, RS-170, NTSC/PAL, STANAG, Component video, and DVI-I (TMDS and analog RGB)



Resolutions up to WUXGA

Supports up to 1920×1200 with pixel rates up to 162MHz


Up to 4 output channels plus repeater

Configurable with up to 4 output boards. For applications requiring more than 4 outputs, the EZsplitter supplies a control and video repeater output for additional EZsplitters


Independent output resolution and timing

Output resolution and timing is completely independent of input timings. User-definable area-of-interest (AOI) within each input and mapping of the AOI onto the output resolution


2×2, 3×1, and other single-input video walls

The EZsplitter is ideal for video wall applications using 1080p component displays. A single feed can be divided to multiple 1080p displays. View examples

Splitting a single IG channel into multiple display heads.

If your image generator is creating content for multiple display devices, the EZsplitter™ can separate out and re-format individual video windows within the stream to drive different displays. View examples

Converting one video feed to multiple video formats

Display Interfaces and Control

Input Features

  • Digitization of TMDS (DVI), NTSC/PAL, Component Video, and Analog RGB with separate sync, composite sync, or sync-on-green
  • Resolutions up to WUXGA with pixel rates up to 162MHz
  • Incoming video gain and offset adjustments
  • Fine phase clock adjustment for pixel sampling

    Remote Interface Control

    • Remote interface for initial setup and operational control
    • Configuration utility used to define the input video format, and the output video mode for each output card
    • Each output card has individually programmed area-of-interest, scaling, and video rotation
    • RS-232, USB, and Ethernet with commands defined in the command line description

    Output Features

    • (1) to (4) video output channels, plus DVI-D repeater output
    • Multiple Output module types
    • Control port repeater: Control commands are available for downstream units via the RS-232 repeater output
    Type A, B Output Board:
    • DVI-I with HD15 adapter for Analog RGB and TMDS plus
    • Type A: S-Video and BNC composite for NTSC/PAL
    • Type B: BNC component
    • Scaler on output card allows any rectangular input area-of-interest (AOI) to be mapped to any output rectangular AOI
    • Resolutions up to WUXGA, pixel rates up to 162MHz
    • Output is free running or synced (gen-locked) to input
    • Programmable border colors, contrast and brightness
    • Output can be rotated or flipped
    Type C, D Repeater Board:
    • Video derived from selected input is duplicated onto the output
    • Type C: TMDS and Analog RGB (DVI-I) output
    • Type D: TMDS (DVI-D) output

      Example Applications

      Convert to multiple formats

      A single video source is re-formatted into multiple video formats. For example, a single 1080P DVI video source can be output as a 1080P RGBHV, a downsized RS-343 875 line output, and a downsized NTSC output using a EZsplitter-AAA. In addition, the original 1080P source is available via the repeater output (DVI-D).

      Partition video to multiple displays

      A single video source is divided into multiple video streams, each with a programmable area-of-interest. For example, a single 1600×1200 DVI video source can be divided into (4) 800×600 SVGA (RGBHV) quadrants, using a EZsplitter-AAAA. In addition, the original 1600×1200 source is available via the repeater output. All the video and splitting functions are done in a 1U device, reducing extra cabling and rackspace!

      Video Wall Controller

      A single 1080P signal is intended to drive (3) adjacent portrait mounted TV’s to form a large video wall using a EZsplitter-BBB. Each Type B board is programmed to a specific area-of-interest within the input video stream. This area of interest is resized and rotated to create the required 1080P output for the wall of TV’s, in either HDMI or Component video format.

      Splitter plus

      A single 1920×1200 DVI video source needs to be split to (4) destinations, plus down-sized and converted to NTSC for a video recording function. A EZsplitter-ACCC will create the down-sized NTSC signal (A), plus the (3) C cards combined with the standard digital repeater output will create (4) 1920×1200 DVI outputs.

      Video converter for custom video type

      A EZsplitter can be a solution to convert standard video to your unique video type. Please contact Westar if you have a specific video format to be generated from a standard video format.


      A single video source is divided into multiple video streams using two EZsplitters. For example, a single 1600×1200 DVI video source can be divided into (4) 800×600 SVGA (RGBHV) quadrants, using a EZsplitter-AAAA. In addition, the original 1600×1200 source video is output to another EZsplitter via the repeater output. The second EZsplitter-ABA can downsize the source video to NTSC for DVR recording, resize to 1080P for a large format HDTV (HDMI or Component), and output one of the quadrants to an RS-343 875 line specialty display.


      Video Type
      • Analog RGB
      • TMDS
      • NTSC/PAL, Component, RS-343, more
      Pixel Rate
      Up to 162 MHz
      Clocks per Line
      Up to 4096
      Lines per Frame
      Up to 2048
      Sync Type
      HV, Composite Sync, Sync-on-Green
      Phase Adjustment
      Sample clock can be adjusted to ensure center sampling
      • DVI-I (with TMDS only)
      • HD15
      • S-Video*
      • BNC (3 component, composite*)
      Outputs:  Type A Type B
      Video Type
      • Analog RGB
      • TMDS
      • NTSC/PAL
      • Analog RGB
      • TMDS
      • Component
      Pixel Rate
      Up to 162 MHz Up to 162 MHz
      Clocks per Line
      Up to 4096 Up to 4096
      Lines per Frame
      Up to 2048 Up to 2048
      Sync Type
      HV, Composite Sync, Sync-on-Green
      • DVI-I (includes HD15 adapter)
      • S-Video*
      • BNC composite*
      • DVI-I (includes HD15 adapter)
      • BNC x 3 (Y/composite*, Pb, Pr)

      *NTSC or PAL


      Repeater Output:  Type C Type D
      Video Type
      • Analog RGB
      • TMDS
      • TMDS
      • DVI-I with HD15 adapter 
      • DVI-I
      • Split video to multiple outputs
      • Outputs can be gen-locked to input
      Color Depth
      10 bits per color
      • Low latency (less than 1 frame) possible in genlocked mode
      • Up to 1.2 frames without rotation
      • Up to 2.2 frames with video rotation
      Electro Mechanical

      1U Rackmount: 19″x13.75″x1.75″

      Benchtop: 17.5″x13.75″x2.25″ 


      IEC Connector, 100-240 VAC,

      47-63 Hz, under 75 Watts with 1 Type A output card

      RS-232 or USB, RS-232 repeater port
      Warranty & Certifications
      1 Year Limited

      Ordering Information

      The standard configuration EZsplitter comes with the following:

      • EZsplitter Video Processor
      • (1) DVI to VGA adapter for each Type A, B, or C output card
      • RS-232 Serial Cable
      • USB Cable
      • Power Cable

      CD Containing

      • Configuration Utility Software
      • User’s Guide
      • Command Line Description

      Check out the Options and Accessories and Ordering Configurations tabs for more.

      Contact Westar for additional options and accessories

      The EZsplitter can be ordered with up to (4) output modules. The number and type of output channels is specified directly in the part number, as follows (example ordering configurations):

      • EZsplitter-AAB (3 output modules)
        A, A, and B in output slots 1, 2, 3 respectively
      • EZsplitter-CABD (4 output modules)
        C, A, B, and D in output slots 1, 2, 3, 4 respectively
      • EZsplitter-A (1 output module)
        A in output slot 1
      • EZsplitter-///A (1 output module)
        A in output slot 4
      I/O Board Function
      TMDS / Analog RGB / RS170 / RS343, Composite* S-Video*
      TMDS / Analog RGB / RS170 / RS343, Composite* Component (Y, Pb, Pr)
      DVI-I Repeater
      DVI-D Repeater

      * NTSC or PAL, Other output module types are available. Please consult with our technical support team for more details. 

      EZsplitter is delivered with uninstalled rackmount ears and feet. For rackmount applications, please install the ears, For benchtop applications, please install the feet.

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